Eco Bear is an independent, local provider of residential cleaning services.  We live in Studio City and serve the Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and Beverly Hills communities.  This is our home and we’re deeply invested in the community our family has grown to love.

We are absolutely dedicated to using eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that are not only safe for the environment but are also safe for us, our clients and especially our clients’ children, who are the most susceptible to the toxic chemicals found in many cleaning products.

We haven’t always valued eco-friendly products.  Before the birth of our son we saw green living as a luxury we could not afford. But with pregnancy came a newfound awareness and interest in providing the best for our child.  We started researching online and at our great Studio City library for information about the meaning and effects of the ingredients in the products we used.

It is from this knowledge and love we have for our child, that we completely changed our way of living to one that strives to minimize our family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

Over time, I plan to share what I’ve learned through my blog.  I hope you find the information useful for helping your family live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our Favorite Products

All of these products are rated an A by EWG and can all be found affordably on Amazon. One of the biggest surprises for us is that eco-friendly products are the same or less expensive than their toxic counterpart.

Bon Ami is the eco-friendly version of AJAX and is currently available on Amazon for 17 cents an ounce versus 19 cents for AJAX. Bon Ami is great for toilet bowls, porcelain sinks and tubs, and tile.

Sal Suds is our general all-purpose

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