Sample Obituary

Writing a meaningful obituary can be challenging following the death of a love one. This sample provides a look at the different elements of an
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Proper Funeral Etiquette

Like many people, you may have concerns about proper funeral etiquette. Keep in mind that you have one job during a funeral. You’re present at a funer
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Activities to Help You Through the Grief of a Loved One’s Death

The reality is that losing a loved one represents one of the most distressing, and yet most commonplace, of all experiences in the course of a lifetim
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Helping a Child Grieve the Death of a Parent

A child facing the death of a parent represents one of the most traumatic and challenging experiences a person can face during the course of a lifetim
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Preparing a Child for the Death of an Ill Parent

One of the most traumatic things a child can face is the looming death of a parent. Adults who play primary roles in the life of a child with a fatall
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Overview of How a Child Understands Death at Different Ages

Very few children make it through to adulthood without experiencing death. Certainly, nearly all children will face the death of a beloved pet. Howeve
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