Where to Donate or Sell Gentle Used Items in Los Angeles

One of the challenges you face in the aftermath of organizing a deceased person's usable property after death is trying to figure out what to do with
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Practical Tips for Helping a Hoarder

If you have come to realize a person in your life suffers from hoarding disorder, you are well ahead of many individuals who have a family member or c
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Interview with a Cat Hoarder

Margaret is a 60-something year old women who lives in an affluent neighborhood in suburban Denver, Colorado. Her house sits on an acre lot in a tony
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Hoarding Fact Sheet

Chronic hoarding is defined as the persistent difficulty or inability to discard or part with possessions of different types. In many cases, items whi
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Mastering Healthy Communication with a Chronically Disorganized Individual

If you desire to assist a chronically disorganized person in effecting change, you must understand that direct and honest communication between that i
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Understanding How Pervasive Hoarding is in Today’s World

Hoarding, or hoarding disorder, is defined as a persistent or profound difficulty in discarding, eliminating, or parting with possessions, according t
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