50 Creative Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

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Sometimes the grief of losing a loved one can be overwhelming; but fortunately, there are ways to memorialize the special person that you’ve lost. In this guide, we’re going to look at 50 ideas for memorializing a loved one that you can try when the loss is fresh or after you’ve had some time to grieve.


When the Loss is Fresh

1) Create a Table Canvas: This can be something that you create and personalize so that it shows the personality of the departed. It can display a poem that you write about the person, an image that reminds you of them, and their name.

2) Light a Candle in their Memory: You can light a candle and say a prayer in their memory. If you want to personalize candles, companies such as Yankee Candle can create candles that have their name, picture, or a phrase on them.

3) Write a Song about Your Loved One: Sometimes it is difficult to express how we feel after a loved one passes. Try to write your feelings down in a song, and if you have musical talent, you can even perform it.

4) Frame Their Favorite Poem: Funerals are often very sad, but it is a time to celebrate and memorialize your loved one, so if they had a favorite poem, it may serve as an inspiration to others.

5) Preserve their Handwriting: If you want to remember your loved one by things that they have drawn or written, then you can design a fabric with the images that can be turned into a skirt, apron, or anything else that you can imagine.

During and After the Funeral

6) Use Their Image in Unique Ways: During the funeral, you can put pictures of your loved one around where others can see. You can also make a collage that shows their personality and how much they were loved to display during the service.

7) Design an Ornament: Creating a unique Christmas ornament that you can display around the holidays is something that will help you remember your loved one during that time of year.

8) Create a Personalized Program: You don’t need to make the program generic; create something that memorializes your loved one’s personality so that when the program is seen, it brings joy to your heart instead of sorrow.  Eco Bear offers free funeral program templates that you can edit on our website with you own photos and text right on our website, without any specialized software or graphic design skills. Then download a print ready pdf that you can print on your home printer or at your favorite local printer.

9) Use Memorial Stones: Stones are a great way to memorialize a loved one. You can get some smooth stones and paint them. These stones can be later placed on your dresser or in a flower garden.

10) Give Out Memorial Plants: Place your loved one’s favorite plants in decorated planters that are decorated to memorialize your loved one. Give these plants to your closest family and friends so that they have something to remember them by.

11) Release Doves: Doves are a sign of peace, so when a loved one dies, you can release some doves to symbolize that your loved one is at peace and leaves a feeling of hope with you.

12) Release Balloons: Releasing balloons during a funeral is an expression of love for your loved one that has passed, which can be seen visually; making it a great way to memorialize them.

13) Memorial Bubbles: Blowing bubbles in memory of your loved one is a way to release their spirit after they pass and symbolizes that they will be with you in your heart forever.

14) Release Lanterns: Sending hundreds of paper lanterns into the sky is a beautiful way to release your loved one’s spirit. Each lantern is a wish that helps guide your loved one’s spirit to heaven.

15) Release Butterflies: Butterflies can be a symbol of change and transition; so when you release butterflies at your loved one’s funeral, it helps make the send-off a beautiful event that you can remember.

16) Create Memorial Lockets: One way of memorializing your loved one is to create lockets that have their images in them. It is something that you can wear around your neck and look at when you miss them.

17) Create Memorial Jewelry: Memorial jewelry is another way to remember those who you have lost that were close to you. You can have their name engraved on a necklace or a ring that you can wear.  One of our favorite memorial jewelry companies is Precious Metal Prints. Make a fingerprint impression with the kit they send you and they’ll turn it into a beautiful pendant.

18) Get Cremation Jewelry: Sometimes, you want to be able to keep your loved one close to you, even after they pass, which is why cremation jewelry, especially necklaces are a great way to remember your loved one.

19) Build a Candlelight Memorial: A candlelight memorial is a way that you can mourn your loved one with other members of the community. It is a way to send them off that will be remembered.

20) Create a Funeral Guestbook: The guests who come to your loved one’s funeral were all special to the deceased, so create a book where they can share their memories so that you can remember how much they were loved.

21) Create a Facebook Page in Their Honor: A Facebook page allows friends and family members to take part in sending off your loved one, and anything said on the page will be there to look back on forever.

22) Use Balloons to Create a Photo Display: Balloons are part of any celebration, so if you are celebrating the life of your loved one before sending them off, you can use balloons to create photo displays that will be remembered forever.

23) Plant Remembrance Trees: Once you plant a tree, it will be there for a long time. Plant a tree and dedicate it to your loved one, you can even put a plaque at the base as a memorial.

24) Play their Favorite Songs: Music is something that is a part of us all, so to help remember your loved one, you can play some of their favorite songs during the wake and the funeral service.

After the Services

25) Personalize Wind Chimes: Nothing will help you remember your loved one more than getting something new in your home that you will hear every time the wind blows. You can personalizethe wind chimes with their name or anything else that you want to remember.

26) Use Their Clothes to Create Something New: If your loved one has a lot of clothes that are still in good condition, you can take some of their favorite outfits and create a quilt out of them. If your loved one had a lot of sports t-shirts, they could make a great quilt.

27) Display Their Favorite Sports Teams: Even if you don’t like sports, having your loved one’s favorite sports team on display in your home is a good way to remember them. You can even watch their team play once in a while.

28) Put Together a Scrapbook: Scrapbooks are a great way to remember your loved one through images. Create a scrapbook with pictures of your loved one with family and friends so that you can look at them later and remember.

29) Create a Photo Wreath: If you want to use pictures of you loved one in a unique way, you can design a wreath that you hang on a closet door in your home that will remind you of them.

30) Create Thank You Cards That Feature Your Loved One: The love and support of your friends and family will not be forgotten, so create a thank you card that is unique with images of your departed loved one to show your appreciation.

31) Create a Memorial DVD or Video: Create a video slideshow that combines pictures and video clips of your loved one so that you can watch it when you are missing them. You can also give copies to those closest to your loved one.

32) Serve Their Favorite Dishes: Food is an important part of an individual’s personality, so when you want to remember someone who has passed, you can have a gathering with all of their favorites.

33) Get a Tattoo: A tattoo is a mark that cannot be removed, so if you want to keep your loved one close to you, get their name inked somewhere on your skin.

34) Create a Mural Full of Memories: Murals are a great way to express yourself, but they can also be a great tool to memorialize a loved one. Be creative with your design and express your feelings in the creation.

35) Start a Charity in the Deceased’s Name: Starting a foundation for a cause that was important to your loved one is a great way to honor them, and it helps a cause that was close to their heart.

36) Go See Their Favorite Team from Time to Time: Instead of simply watching your loved one’s favorite team play on the television, get tickets to see the game with friends so that you can enjoy something that your loved one would have enjoyed.

37) Grow Their Favorite Veggies and Fruits: If your loved one had a garden full of cantaloupes that they cherished, try growing your own garden full of melons. Each time you eat the sweet fruit, you will remember your loved one fondly.

38) Build a Memorial Bench: Park benches are something that everyone can enjoy, but if you build one and dedicate it in memory of your loved one, you can honor your loved one in a public way. You can also find a company that will create a memorial bench for you.

39) Create a Plaque that Memorializes Your Loved One: If your loved one has a favorite saying, you can put it on a plaque and display it in your home. It can also be simply the name and birthday of your loved one.

40) Create A Photo Quilt: Making a quilt is a good way to keep pictures of your loved one in your home. You can use any picture that reminds you of happy times in the design.

41) Frame Some New Photos: Take the time to look through photos that you may have taken recently, and if you find some great ones featuring your loved one, frame them, and display them in your home.

42) Create an Album with Their Favorite Songs: Music is something that touches your soul, so if you can listen to some of the songs that your loved one enjoyed, you can feel a piece of them reconnect with you.

43) Create a Memorial Flower Pot: You can take a piece of clay and create a flower planter that is designed to remember your loved one. You can even engrave the pot with their name. Once the clay is dry, you can put their favorite flowers inside the planter and keep in where it can be seen.

44) Name a Frog after Them: Remembering your loved ones name is important. You can eternalize them by naming a new species of frog or other animal after them. If you prefer, you can also name a new plant species after your loved one.

45) Make Posts on Their Facebook Page: New things are going to happen in your life after your loved one passes. Hop on their feed and tell them about important things in your life so that you feel like they are still important to you.

46) Make a New Piece of Art: Art is something that is concrete that you can always display to remember a loved one. You can paint something that reminds you of them and keep it on display in your home.

47) Name a Star after Them: Stars shine bright and watch over you at night. Naming a star after your loved one is a way to remember them and that they are always watching over you.

48) Keep Pictures of Them on Your Phone: Pictures are a great way to remember a loved one that you have lost. Keep a few good pictures of you both on your phone so that you can look at them from time to time.

49) Create a Stuffed Bear: This is a great way to memorialize your loved one, especially if you have kids. You can create a bear out of scraps of clothing or other cloth and stuff it. Then, stitch your loved ones name onto the bear or personalize a t-shirt for the bear.

50) Create a Remembrance Mouse Pad: If you spend a lot of time on the computer, then having a remembrance mouse pad created can help you keep your loved one close.

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