Sharon Moore

It’s difficult to find a cleaning service that cares not only about your home but your environment. Eco Bear is consistent, concerned for excellence and the work shows a desire to excel and please the customer.

Carol Z.

Fantastic! First time to use a cleaning service & really blessed that Ray was the one. He is the nicest, most professional person you can imagine having in your home.

I have a senior cat and Ray was super careful and respectful not to disturb him. My studio apt has never looked this sparkling clean!

I not only recommend Ray, I will continue to use his services in the future. He’s the real deal!

Jillian Burnett

I have a dog and am always conscious of products being used around the house. I love Eco Bear because they are not only environmentally friendly but they take into consideration my pup as well. They did a great job! Would definitely recommend.

Shamim Bvl

Called Ray on short notice to clean my apartment after a party the night before. His rate is higher than I normally pay but he was available so I needed someone ASAP. He did a great job. Took all the trash into the trash bin, even sorted the recyclables, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen. All in all, I’m happy.

Sadie Dominique

Great Service! They came on time for a last minute cleaning request in the evening. Most cleaning companies only come during the day or weekends. Eco Bear is available 24/7. They did an excellent job cleaning my home, doing laundry and there was no funky chemical smell after the cleaning, just freshness! My faucets and stainless steel sink were super polished just the way I like it! Most cleaners do not polish steel and there is a technique to do so, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Eco Bear does polishing so well. They also used some of my own cleaning supplies per my request. I like using bleach on the counter tops and they were very reasonable and complied. Sometimes after I hire a professional to clean I do a walk through and think, I could have done this myself, however with Eco Bear when I did the walk through I knew they went above and beyond. Eco Bear was professional all the way from the initial phone call, which was a breeze to set up my appointment, to meeting Ray in person to doing the final walk through. Ray also was punctual, nice, and very easy to deal with. I will definitely use Eco Bear again and recommend them to family and friends!

George Golovin

I had a great experience with Eco Bear.
Ray is always on-time, polite and professional.
Fast and prompt service, very reasonable prices.
Would definitely use Eco Bear again and recommend to friends and family.

Brian Rabbini

I called Ray at Eco Bear on a Saturday right before an open house because I needed someone there quickly. Ray was punctual, thorough, efficient, and very reasonable in his pricing.

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