Unattended Death Cleanup in Los Angeles, California

Eco Bear offers compassionate and professional unattended death cleanup in all of Los Angeles County. We are located in Studio Hills, California, family owned and operated, available to assist you 24/7. We will skillfully and quickly perform complete bio hazard remediation and removal at the death scene. If you were close to the deceased please accept our condolences and know the Eco Bear family is here for yours.

Unattended death cleaning should only be handled by trained experts as all bio fluids and tissue are hazardous requiring proper handling and disposal. Do not ever attempt to clean a dead body, special protective equipment is necessary along with very strict procedures to perform the job perfectly. When death goes unnoticed and decomposition of the body begins the danger of toxic bacteria gets progressively worse as time goes on. Often we are dealing with suicide and homicide cleanup that can be extremely upsetting. Let Eco Bear handle this distressing job for you.

Professional and caring Los Angeles Unattended Death and Biohazard Cleanup

When Eco Bear arrives at an unattended death scene in Los Angeles we quickly assess the situation and immediately begin with any emergency cleanup. Our expert and caring technicians will remove all bio fluids as well as anything that has come in contact with the body. This includes clothes, furniture, curtains, mattresses and carpet, anything exposed to bio hazardous material.

We will also remove or fully clean all objects that have absorbed the odor from the decomposing body. We complete the job by entirely removing the odor in the air, ceiling, floor and walls, restoring the property to the original state before the death. You can trust that Eco Bear will handle your trauma scene cleanup with compassion and the highest level of skill.

We’re available every day between 6 am and 9 pm. Call 818-358-4359.

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