There are two different types of enterprises that assist in cleaning up a home or business following some type of damaging event. These are a biohazard cleanup specialist and a standard restoration service. There are some specific benefits that are realized by hiring a biohazard cleaning company over a standard restoration service. 

There are three questions to consider in weighing the benefits of selecting a biohazard cleanup specialist over a standard restoration service:

  • What is a restoration service?
  • What is a biohazard cleanup specialist?
  • What are the pros and cons of hiring a biohazard cleanup specialist versus a standard restoration service?

What Is a Restoration Service?

A restoration service is hired by a home or business owner to undertake certain types of cleanups following an event that caused damage to a property. Examples of incidents to which a restoration service may be called include floods, fires, and storms. The essential task of a restoration service is to clean up the mess caused by some type of damaging event. For example, if a storm hits, a restoration company may clean up debris like tree branches and remove water from the premises. 

A restoration service is also apt to take steps to prevent further damage to a property. Using the storm scenario as an example, a restoration company may board up windows and secure the premises. 

What Is a Biohazard Cleanup Specialist?

A biohazard cleanup specialist is a professional that remediates the aftermath of a variety of different types of potentially dangerous scenes at residences, businesses, and other locations. A biohazard cleanup specialist not only eliminates biological matter and other materials at the premises following some sort of catastrophic or other incident but sanitizes the scene to eradicate dangerous, disease causing pathogens. In addition, oftentimes a residential or business disaster also involves a foul stench. A biohazard cleaning company provides comprehensive services that include thorough odor elimination. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Biohazard Cleanup Specialist Versus a Standard Restoration Service?

There are a number of key benefits that can be realized by hiring a biohazard cleaning company. As was referenced a moment ago, a biohazard cleaning company provides a comprehensive range of services when it comes to dealing with a residential or business catastrophe. Comprehensive biohazard remediation typically is undertaken in three phases:

  • Premises cleaning and removal of hazardous matter and other debris
  • Sanitization of a contaminated scene
  • Deodorization of premises

On the other hand, a restoration company has a sharp focus on basic cleaning, removal of certain types of materials and debris, and steps to protect the premises from further damage. As mentioned, an example of protecting premises is boarding up windows.

A biohazard remediator also has a system in place to transport and dispose of biomatter. Not only does a biohazard cleanup company have the tools, equipment, materials, and resources necessary to eliminate biohazardous waste from a home or business, this type of specialist has the ability to ensure that this waste properly is transported and then disposed of.

Some people raise the point that biohazard remediation is a more expensive process than standard restoration work. They make this contention to suggest a home or business owner can save money by using a restoration service as opposed to a biohazard remediation company. 

Yes, the biohazard remediation process can cost more than a simple restoration cleanup. The primary reason why this can be the case is that much more is involved in biohazard cleanup, as has been discussed.

A key point that also needs to be made is that not all biohazard cleaning services are “created equally.” What that means in terms of costs for services is that there are bioremediation services that charge a reasonable fee for assistance. On the other hand, there are biohazard cleanup operators that fairly can be called predatory in their pricing schemes. 

What a home or business owner needs to look for when it comes to costs for services when considering a biohazard cleaning specialist or a standard restoration company includes being able to obtain an upfront, reliable fee estimate. In addition, a home or business owner needs to be on the lookout for hidden or additional fees that seem to crop up out of nowhere once work commences.

A biohazard cleaning company not only understands how to accomplish a complete remediation of the biohazardous situation at a residence or business location but has the knowledge and resources to accomplish this vital objective in a safe manner. In other words, during the remediation process, a biohazard cleanup specialist has full knowledge of techniques and practices necessary to ensure that residents of a home or patrons and employees of a business are kept fully safe. Safety is an inherent quality of a biohazard cleanup specialist. 

Finally, a biohazard cleanup company has the wherewithal to address truly difficult situations that a restoration service cannot undertake. These include truly challenging circumstances that include:

  • Suicide cleanup 
  • Violence crime scene cleanup
  • Unattended death cleanup 

These truly are situations that only a well-trained, compassionate biohazard remediation specialist is able to address.