Death by suicide is barred none one of the most difficult ways in which a loved one can die. The aftermath presents an emotionally challenging situation for survivors of suicide loss. This includes facing the prospect of suicide cleanup following a traumatic death of this nature. Survivors of suicide loss, typically family members, face the tremendous task of seeing to the remediation of the scene. The additional emotional toll that suicide cleanup can vest upon survivors underscores the need for compassionate professional assistance. 

Manager’s Guide to Address the Aftermath of Suicide in the Workplace: 10 Postvention Action Steps

Approximately 300 workplace suicides occur each year in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the aftermath of a workplace suicide, company managers need guidance on how to best respond to the loss of an employee. In addition, company managers need to understand effective strategies that are designed to more…

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Address the Immediate Aftermath of Suicide

Introduction Chapter 1: The Vital Importance of Self-Care after the Suicide of a Loved One Chapter 2: Understand the Essentials of the Loss of a Loved One by Suicide Chapter 3: Address the Immediate Aftermath of Suicide Chapter 4: Support Young Person in the Healing Process Chapter 5: Understand the Suicide Grief Process for Children and Teens Conclusion: Does a Child…