Unattended deaths present profoundly dangerous expiration scenes. The stark reality is that the human decomposition process commences directly upon a person’s death. Within a matter of a couple of days, human remains begin to discharge bodily fluids other hazardous substances created during the decomposition process. After a few days, these fluids begin to contaminate the death scene. The dangerous pathogens that can exist in the aftermath of an unattended death cleanup pose what can be a truly significant health risk to any person who enters the area. Call our veteran-led biohazard cleaning service company

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A Landlord Dilemma: Dealing With a Tenant Death With No Next of Kin Available

Landlords face a multitude of problems when it comes to their legal and contractual relationships with tenants. One of the most complicated and challenging of situations is when a tenant dies and no next of kin can be found. Sadly, this oftentimes occurs when a tenant dies in what is known as an unattended death.…

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The Definition of Death in the 21st Century: Who Decides When Life Ends

The definition of what constitutes death has become the subject of an increasingly heated debate in the United States and elsewhere around the world in recent years. In addition, an associated debate centers on who should have authority to make the final determination that a person is dead. The Standard Definition of Death Over the…

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Psychological Impact of Finding a Dead Body

One of the mainstays of haunted houses is exhibits that include dead human bodies. There is a reason why haunted houses rely on fake dead bodies to scare patrons: human beings have a strong reaction when they are confronted with human remains. This response is significantly more profound if a person has the unfortunate experience…