A devastating situation is the homicide of a person in your home, at your business, or in a rental property you own. Not only is the fact that someone has been killed in your home, but business, or rental property itself truly dreadful, the prospect of homicide cleanup can also be nothing short of utterly overwhelming. Understanding these realities, a person in this type of situation is wise to give serious consideration to engaging the professional services of a reputable murder scene cleanup company. 

Unique Challenges of Homicide Cleanup

When a homicide occurs in a home, business, or rental property, not only can the physical removal of biomatter and other materials at the scene be complicated, there can be safety concerns as well. The reality is that a homicide scene can be classified as a biohazardous incident. Thus, in order to safely undertake a murder scene clean up, those involved in the cleaning process must have appropriate personal protective equipment to ensure safety during the remediation. 

There is an emotional element to homicide cleanup as well. When the owner of a home, business, or rental property has this type of crime occur at the premises, that reality alone is emotionally demanding. A person need not enhance those difficult emotions by personally attempting to undertake murder scene cleanup.

Overview of the Work of a Murder Scene Cleanup Company

By hiring a professional murder scene cleanup company to remediate the aftermath of a homicide in your home, business, or rental property, you access a trustworthy, experienced, knowledgeable cleaning crew. A reputable crew has extensive training, including specifically in homicide cleanup. 

A professional murder scene cleanup company arrives at a home, business, or rental property in an unmarked vehicle. In addition, a professional murder scene cleaning crew has unmarked uniforms. For example, Eco Bear has an unidentifiable uniform that displays only a small version of our company’s kind looking bear character. Privacy and discretion are prime considerations for a reputable murder scene cleanup company. 

A reliable, reputable murder scene cleaning company promptly arrives at the scene of a homicide. The reality is that because of the need for law enforcement and the county coroner to thoroughly investigate the crime scene, the cleaning and remediation process cannot commence immediately. The process cannot begin until the property has been released by investigators back to the owner of the home, business or rental property. 

Considering the potential lag that necessarily exists in starting murder scene cleanup because of an investigation, time is of the essence. A home, business, or rental property must select a professional homicide cleaning company that can be at the scene and ready to start work directly after a residence, business, or rental property is released back to the owner. 

Murder Scene Cleanup Process

Professional murder scene cleanup typically involves three phases. The first phase is the removal of physical items, including biological matter like blood, bodily fluids and other biomatter. 

When the physical items, including biomatter is removed, the next phase involves the sanitization of the murder scene. Sanitization involves the use of specialized equipment and solutions designed to eradicate any biohazards that might be present at the homicide scene. 

The possibility also exists that a third phase may be necessary. That involves deodorization of the premises. The ultimate objective of professional assistance from a murder scene cleanup company is to eliminate any trace of the crime that occurred on the premises. 

Paying for Murder Scene Cleanup 

Unfortunately, an alarming number of murder scene cleaning companies have reputations for financially taking advantage of people in need of homicide cleaning at homes, businesses, and rental properties. As a consequence, when in need of a murder scene cleaning company, look for a company like Eco Bear that provides a reliable bid at about half the price of our competitors.

Eco Bear also works closely with a home, business, or rental property owner to identify ways to pay for a particular type of biohazard cleanup. When it comes to murder scene cleanup, a home, business, or rental property owner may qualify for compensation from the California Victim Compensation Board. The Board can provide compensation of up to $1,000 to go towards crime scene cleanup, including murder scene cleanup. At Eco Bear, we cap murder scene cleanup at $1,000. 

If for some reason a person doesn’t qualify for compensation from the California Victim Compensation Board, a reputable murder scene cleanup company will assist in making a claim with a homeowner’s insurance company or another type of appropriate insurance company to obtain compensation. 

In addition, a reputable murder scene cleanup company like Eco Bear will assist in preparing documentation to support a claim to the California Victim Compensation Board or to an insurance company. This includes photos or videos of the crime scene, before and after the remediation process.