If you encounter the need for biohazard cleanup at your residence following a traumatic event in your home, the advisable course is to seek professional remediation assistance. The truth of the matter is that biohazard cleanup after a traumatic event is a challenging and even dangerous task. There are no halfway measures when it comes to the remediation of a biohazard in your home. It’s either done with perfection or it’s really not done at all. Understanding this reality, some people still balk at the prospect of hiring a professional biohazard cleanup company because of perceptions regarding cost. The fact is that there can be avenues available to assist in minimizing out of pocket expenses associated with residential biohazard cleanup, including possible insurance coverage. 

Sadly, there are a number of different types of traumatic events that occur with alarming frequency in homes across Southern California (and across the country) that necessitate biohazard cleanup. These include:

  • Physical assaults
  • Homicides
  • Attempted homicides
  • Sexual assaults
  • Other violent crimes
  • Suicides
  • Attempted suicides
  • Drug overdoses
  • Unattended deaths
  • Flooding from storms
  • Flooding from sewer malfunction
  • Rodent infestations

Overview of Homeowner’s Insurance and Residential Biohazard Cleanup

The first place to look for possible funding to cover at least part of the costs associated for a residential traumatic event cleanup is your homeowner’s insurance policy. You do need to bear in mind that every homeowner’s insurance policy is a unique contract. Therefore, you need to closely look at the provisions in that policy to determine the extent of coverage in the aftermath of a particular type of traumatic event at your residence. 

Keep in mind that your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the aftermath of a traumatic event like damage to the premises from a rodent infestation but might not cover the cleanup associated with something like an unattended death cleanup.

If you have questions about your homeowner’s insurance policy or believe the insurance company may be engaging in an unfair claims settlement practice, the California Department of Insurance can assist. The department has staff members that are designated to assist with consumer-related issues. 

You are well-served to take a proactive stance when it comes to issues like traumatic event cleanup or biohazard remediation at your residence when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance policy. In other words, you don’t want to be surprised when you face the need for traumatic event cleanup at your residence. You don’t want to discover that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t provide coverage in a particular type of situation at your home.

When taking a proactive stance, you can learn the limitations of an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. Armed with that information, you can elect to obtain a different homeowner’s insurance policy that provides more comprehensive coverage. In addition, if you don’t want to fully upset your existing insurance “applecart,” you can seek a rider to an existing homeowner’s policy. A rider is an addendum or addition to an existing insurance policy that enhances the scope of coverage.  

Crime Scene Cleanup and the California Victim Compensation Board

The California Victim Compensation Board provides financial assistance to crime victims. Thus, if the traumatic event that occurred at your residence was the result of a crime, the Board may be able to provide you assistance in a number of different ways. The Board provides up to $1,000 for crime scene cleanup.

The Board has a relatively simple application process. Their website provides all the information and application resources you require to seek this type of coverage for a traumatic event cleanup at your home that arises from a crime. 

Traumatic Event Biohazard Cleanup Company and Your Finances

In seeking a reputable traumatic event cleanup up company or biohazard remediation specialist, make sure you select a professional that has the capability to assist in seeking and processing different types of payment options. For example, you want to be certain to select a traumatic event cleanup company that accepts homeowner’s insurance as a means for payment. 

A customer-centered biohazard cleanup company will directly assist in submitting a claim for compensation. This includes providing the documentation you need to make a compelling case for that compensation when an initial claim is submitted.

If the traumatic event that occurred at your residence was some type of violent crime, you will want to select a traumatic event cleaning company that understands the process for obtaining compensation via the California Victim Compensation Board.

Keep in mind that not all biohazard cleaning companies, or crime scene cleanup specialists, are created equally. For example, you would be well-served selecting a crime scene cleanup company that sets its maximum rate for a residential cleaning project at the maximum rate the Board will pay in the way of compensation for remediating the aftermath of a crime.