One of the most challenging types of biohazard remediation endeavors is what is known as trauma scene cleanup. In basic terms, trauma scene cleanup involves the cleaning and disinfection of the site of a traumatic event that results in the presence of biological matter like blood, bodily fluids, and other biomatter. These scenes oftentimes fairly can be called horrific in their appearance. They also can be the site of dangerous pathogens, including viruses and bacteria capable of causing serious disease.

Common Underlying Causes of a Traumatic Scene

There are a number of more common underlying causes of a traumatic scene. These are:

  • Homicide
  • Other violent crimes
  • Suicide
  • Accident
  • Mass casualty event
  • Industrial accident

In addition, unattended death scenes fairly can be included in a broad consideration of trauma scene cleanup. In some cases, a death that goes undiscovered for a period of time was the result of a traumatic event. Even when that is not the case, an unattended death scene certainly presents some of the same types of challenges associated with a typical trauma scene.

Homicide Trauma Scene Cleanup

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about the aftermath of a homicide. Television or movies frequently portray homicide scenes and the work of crime scene investigators. These presentations have resulted in people having a lack of rather than a better understanding of issues like homicide scene cleanup. Many people wrongly conclude that the police, perhaps the coroner, or some other governmental entity takes care of homicide scene cleanup.

The reality is that if a homicide occurs at a private residence or business, the owner has the obligation of undertaking trauma scene cleanup following a homicide. Not only are these scenes physically challenging to cleanup, they can prove to be particularly emotionally traumatic for owners. For these reasons, the virtually universal recommendation for a homeowner or business owner is to engage the services of a skilled, experienced trauma scene cleanup company to take on homicide aftermath cleanup.

Other Violent Crime Trauma Scene Cleanup

Other types of violent crimes result in the need for professional assistance from a trauma scene cleanup company. Examples of these types of crimes that result in traumatic scenes include:

  • Rape and other sexual offenses
  • Assault and battery
  • Certain types of home invasions

Suicide Trauma Scene Cleanup

One of the most tragic situations people face is the loss of a loved one by suicide. Two of the most common ways in which people take their own lives is through the use of a firearm or a sharp object like a knife or razor blade. The aftermath of a suicide by one of these means involves the need for suicide trauma scene cleanup. 

Survivors of suicide loss face virtually overwhelming emotional challenges. These people do not need to magnify the intense emotions they already experience following the loss of a loved one by suicide. Personally taking on the task of suicide cleanup has the effect of magnifying the emotional impact of this type of horrific, tragic loss. Turning to a trauma scene cleanup company for this type of situation is a universal recommendation. 

As is the case with other types of traumatic scenes, the location of a suicide by firearm or knife can also be contaminated with dangerous pathogens. These are such things as viruses and bacteria that can result in serious disease in some instances. The potential health dangers associated with suicide remediation underscores another reason why engaging a trauma scene cleanup company is truly the advisable course. 

Accident Trauma Scene Cleanup

Accidents of all types oftentimes result in scenes that require the assistance of a trauma scene cleanup company. This includes accidents that occur in homes, businesses, vehicles, and other locations. As is the case with crime scene cleaning and suicide remediation, accident trauma scene cleanup is both a physically and emotionally challenging endeavor that necessitates professional assistance.

Mass Casualty Event Trauma Scene Cleanup

Mass casualty events unfortunately are becoming more commonplace in the United States in this day and age. The aftermath of these events can result in truly horrific scenes that necessitate comprehensive, complex remediation. This type of event demands the assistance of a skilled, experienced trauma scene cleanup company.

A mass casualty event not only involves complicated remediation, it also requires coordination between multiple governmental agencies. In order to be qualified for mass casualty event remediation, a trauma scene cleanup company must have a background in undertaking its work in coordination with different governmental agencies. 

Industrial Accident Trauma Scene Cleanup

Industrial accidents often cause profound damage to the premises where such an incident occurs. In addition, an industrial accident can also lead to loss of life, possibly even significant loss of life. 

Industrial accident remediation can prove especially challenging. As a result of an industrial accident, biohazard cleaning and disinfection may include widespread contamination. The complexity of this type of biohazardous remediation and trauma scene cleanup demands professional assistance. It is not an exaggeration to state that the interdiction of a trauma scene cleanup is mandatory.