Estate Cleaning

Estate Cleanup and Deep Cleaning in Los Angeles, California

We all have that family member or friend that loves collectibles and seems to have a tough time
throwing things out. Sometimes it gets serious and their house becomes cluttered way beyond control
and may even become a biohazard. This is when it’s time for Eco Bear hoarder cleanup specialists to
step in and fully restore the home.

We provide professional and compassionate hoarding cleaning services in Los Angeles County. We built
our family business right here in Studio City, California and we are honored to serve our neighbors. We
can handle your entire hoarder, estate cleanup and biohazard remediation and removal needs.

We specialize in deep cleanings so that the home is ready to sell

We would never come into your home and start bagging up your possessions and throwing them out.
We treat you like our own family. First, we will make a complete plan with a primary focus to de-clutter
and find all of the restorable items that you want to keep. From there we will separate things that can
be donated from the garbage, removing and remediating all bio hazards along the way.

We have seen it all, rooms with newspapers stacked to the ceilings, feces, and urine literally everywhere
and bug infestations that are the things of nightmares. Eco Bear is not fazed; we are trained experts who
will quickly, discreetly and compassionately provide a total hoarding cleanup service. Regardless of the
size or scope of the mess, leave your cleanup project to us.

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