Homicide Cleaning

Homicide Cleanup in Los Angeles, California

Eco Bear hopes that one-day homicide cleanup in Los Angeles won’t be needed. Until then we will be here to offer the highest quality death cleaning and biohazard removal services possible. Our local, family operated biohazard cleaning services will provide you with the peace of mind that your difficult cleanup will be expertly handled.

Caring and Expert Homicide Cleaning Services

A homicide scene is a disturbing place and we don’t want you to have to be there. Cleaning a murder scene requires tremendous attention to detail in order to properly remediate all biohazards. Next they must be properly transported and disposed of. The entire process requires following a strict set of procedures while wearing protective gear.

Crime scene cleanup sometimes involves tear gas cleanup and removal of chemicals like luminol. Often the scene was dusted for finger prints, the dust being extremely difficult to remove. This is along with bio fluids and body matter that must be properly cleaned and disposed of. Sometimes blood will need to be cleaned as deeply as from the under boards for the flooring. Great care is taken so that areas are not cross-contaminated throughout the entire process. Eco Bear guarantees nothing will be overlooked.

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