Families throughout Southern California and across the country have understandable concerns about what officially is now the coronavirus pandemic. At the present time, there has been a considerable amount of confusion surrounding the coronavirus and matters associated with this potentially fatal pathogen. Appreciating how confusing the state of affairs is at this time when it comes to coronavirus, we present some practical steps to take if you have a family member that has been exposed to coronavirus.

Specific Steps to Take Immediately Following Coronavirus Exposure

Los Angeles County, and other governmental organizations across the state and country, have delineated some strategies to employ if your family is exposed to coronavirus. If your family has been exposed to someone with coronavirus, but are displaying no symptoms, you may nevertheless want to consider self-quarantining at home. The best information is that a person who ends up infected with coronavirus will end up showing symptoms within about five days. As is discussed in greater detail in a moment, if the exposure occurred because someone with coronavirus was in your home, you need to give serious consideration to seeking professional assistance from a coronavirus cleanup company. 

Symptoms of Coronavirus

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

What to Do If Symptoms of Coronavirus Appear

If you think one of your family members displays the symptoms of coronavirus, contact your primary care physician. Unless a family member is experiencing obvious physical distress, do not go directly to the emergency room. Call your primary care physician initially.

Testing for coronavirus is expected to become more widely available and more easily accessible. Your primary care physician may recommend that your family member obtain testing for coronavirus. 

What to Do If Your Family Member Has Coronavirus

If you learn that one of your family members has been infected with the coronavirus, a number of factors come into play in ascertaining the next step. If your family member is older or an existing health issue, close attention needs to be paid to the progress of symptoms of the disease. If the symptoms worsen, immediate additional medical attention needs to be taken.

If a person exhibits only mild symptoms, self-care at home typically is the best course. With that said, if symptoms worsen, medical attention is necessary.

As oftentimes is the case, if a family member with coronavirus is in your residence, you should ensure that this individual is kept away from the rest of your family. This fairly can be described as the quarantine of an infected family member inside your home. 

Medical experts maintain that for most people, particularly people who are under 65 and who do not have a preexisting illness, are likely to have mild symptoms. Thus, addressing the symptoms likely can be done with strategies that include rest, fluids, and over the counter medications. Nevertheless, even if an individual has only minimal symptoms, that person is still contagious. 

Professional Assistance If Coronavirus Exposure Occurred at Your Home

One pathway by which your family members can be exposed to coronavirus is if a person who learns he or she has the contagion was in your residence. Because one of the ways in which your family members can be infected by coronavirus is through contact with a contaminated surface or object. In other words, an individual with a coronavirus infection could have “shed” the virus onto surfaces and items in your home. This can necessitate the need for the professional help from a coronavirus cleanup company. 

The best data at this juncture in time indicates that, depending on the surface or object in question, the coronavirus can remain alive and transferrable for 1-3 days.

Because of the viability of the coronavirus outside of the human body, if an infected person has been in your residence, the virus can remain a danger to your family because of its presence on surfaces and objects for several days. Simply, your family members can become infected after a person with coronavirus left your home.

While you theoretically can undertake coronavirus cleanup on your own, you will not have the equipment, tools, and perhaps even the proper disinfecting solution to fully eradicate coronavirus from your home. Thus, even though you make an attempt to eliminate coronavirus from your home, it will still exist on surfaces and objects, exposing your family to danger.

An experienced coronavirus cleanup company has the full array of resources necessary to fully eradicate coronavirus from your home. With the help of a coronavirus cleaning company, you can rest assured that your home is restored to a safe, wholly lovable condition.