As of the end of May 2020, California and the rest of the United States was technically considered to be in what at times is being referred to as the first COVID-19 wave. Reference to “first wave” recognizes the reality that many infectious disease experts believe that a second COVID-19 wave is a real possibility. With that said, many infectious disease specialists maintain that there are strategies that can be employed to lessen the prospects of a severe second COVID-19 wave.

State of the COVID-19 Pandemic at the End of May 2020

During the last week of May, California has experienced a decrease in the rate of new coronavirus infections. The state had not yet reached a plateau in the rate of new infections, however. California was among 18 states in this category. About a dozen states had reached plateaus in their rate of COVID-19 infection growth. The remainder of the states were experiencing sharper increases in new infections. 

There are four primary strategies that infectious disease experts believe will be effective at blunting the impact of a potential second COVID-19 wave:

  • Slow reopening
  • Continued social distancing
  • Testing 
  • Aggressive COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection

Slow Reopening of Public Entities and Availabilities

California was on a slow course of reopening at the end of May. The plodding speed associated with reopening was designed to continue to shrink the number of new infections. In addition, a slow reopening was also implemented as a means to prevent a severe second COVID-19 wave at a future point in time. 

Continued Social Distancing

In all jurisdictions across the United States, a major strategy that is being used to protect against a second wave of COVID-19 is the continuation of social distancing, also known as physical distancing. Infectious disease experts across the United States, indeed around the world, are in agreement that social distancing has been a valuable tool in reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

In California, on the state and local levels, officials have made it clear that continued physical distancing will remain in effect. For example, as restaurants move towards the reopening of inside dining, strict guidelines regarding social distancing will be required.

Associated with social distancing is the directive or recommendation to wear a mask in public settings. Masks are designed to protect others. When we wear a mask, we protect other people in our community. When others wear masks, they protect us. 


Testing is considered to be a fundamental element of reopening California and our local communities. Testing is also deemed to be an important feature of a strategy to protect against a second COVID-19 wave in our state and our local communities.

There are two types of testing that are going to be part of a coordinated effort in California and elsewhere to attempt to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections in the state and country. First, there is testing that will identify people who have been infected with COVID-19, including people who’ve had the infection but never displayed any signs of the disease. 

A significant percentage of people who contract this novel coronavirus never show any symptoms and have no idea that they have the disease. If people have asymptomatic COVID-19 infections, they are capable of spreading the potentially deadly virus to others.

The second type of testing is to identify people who have active COVID-19 infections. This type of testing will confirm that a person displaying symptoms of COVID-19 in fact has the disease. It will allow for infected people to receive timely medical aid and treatment as necessary. It also aids in ensuring that infected people are kept away from others. Quarantine and isolation is vital to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and preventing a possible second wave of novel coronavirus infection. 

Aggressive COVID-19 Cleaning and a Disinfection

Another crucial element of protecting against a second COVID-19 wave is an aggressive program at businesses, churches, and various other public locations to develop comprehensive strategies to guard against coronavirus contamination. This component of preventing or lessening the trajectory of a second COVID-19 wave can be most effectively pursued with the professional assistance of skilled, experienced, reputable coronavirus cleaning and disinfection companies

Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection specialists can assist in two primary ways. First, an infectious disease remediation company can assist businesses, churches, and others in developing comprehensive strategies to preempt COVID-19 contamination at their venues or premises. Second, a COVID-19 cleaning company is also able to provide rapid response if a business reasonably believes coronavirus contamination is a possibility at its premises. 

In the final analysis, avoiding a second COVID-19 wave, or at least minimizing its trajectory, depends on a concerted effort by all elements of society. This includes everyone from private citizens to businesses to government officials to public health experts.