White Mouse in Doll House

Primary Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation in Your Home

A problem that virtually everyone will face at some point during their lifetimes is house mouse infestation. Mice are ubiquitous creatures that are found virtually everywhere in the United States. The key to preventing more significant issues arising from mice in a residence is to deal with a mouse early on. At the heart of…


Keeping an Office a Rodent Free Zone

Mouse problems are not limited to residential properties. The reality is that offices and other types of workplaces can face the prospect of a rodent infestation. Understanding that this possibility exists, there are some important proactive strategies that you will seriously want to consider implementing to keep your office (or other workplaces) a rodent-free zone.…


Where Do Roof Rats Live? Understanding the Habitat Preferences of the Rattus Murinae

Quite like many people, you when you think of rats, you think of… rats. By that, it is meant you may not realize that from a biological standpoint there is an array of different types of rats. Among the rat genus, there are many different subfamilies, this includes one known as Rattus Murinae. This type…