Process of Deodorization

Deodorization is a primary means by which foul odors in a residence are remediated. In basic terms, the process of deodorization is designed to mask, counteract, or eliminate a foul odor present in a residence. Under the broader category of deodorization are a number of specific strategies or specific processes that include: Modification Sanitization Disinfection…


The Interrelationship Between Microorganisms and Odor

Various university courses are devoted to studying microorganisms and microbiology. Many astute academics consider these courses to be some of the most complicated and challenging offered on both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Nothing in this book is designed to supplant the painstaking endeavors associated with such university pursuits. Rather, this chapter is intended to…

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The Definition of Death in the 21st Century: Who Decides When Life Ends

The definition of what constitutes death has become the subject of an increasingly heated debate in the United States and elsewhere around the world in recent years. In addition, an associated debate centers on who should have authority to make the final determination that a person is dead. The Standard Definition of Death Over the…