pumpkin carved to look like it is throwing up

Is Vomit a Biohazard?

In order to fully protect yourself from communicable diseases, you need to have a solid understanding of how different viruses and bacteria can spread. This includes understanding what items and materials are deemed to be biohazards. As is the case with many individuals, you may face a time at which you will encounter vomit. You…

raccoon sticking it's head out from a hole in the side of a house

How to Identify Raccoon Droppings

Raccoons historically lived in forests and other wooded areas. As human developments have encroached into their natural habitats, raccoons have been highly adept at adapting. In other words, raccoons have shown little difficulty in successfully living in the heart of suburban and even urban communities. Indeed, in many cities, raccoons have become commonplace. In addition…

cute raccoon sitting and looking at the camera

Raccoons: The Midnight Food Bandits That Leave Behind Dangerous Droppings

Raccoons are mammals that grow to a length of about two feet when mature. Raccoons are indigenous to forests but are highly intelligent and adaptable animals. As a result, they have taken to living in urban areas as metropolitan communities expand. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and generally avoid contact with humans. With that noted, as…


Dangers of Asbestos Attic Insulation: 5 Things You Need to Know

If you reside in a home that was built or remodeled, prior to 1990, the possibility exists that you may have attic insulation that contains asbestos. There exist a good many misconceptions about attic insulation and asbestos. In order to protect the safety and health of your loved ones, you need to familiarize yourself with…