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A Landlord Dilemma: Dealing With a Tenant Death With No Next of Kin Available

Landlords face a multitude of problems when it comes to their legal and contractual relationships with tenants. One of the most complicated and challenging of situations is when a tenant dies and no next of kin can be found. Sadly, this oftentimes occurs when a tenant dies in what is known as an unattended death.…

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The Definition of Death in the 21st Century: Who Decides When Life Ends

The definition of what constitutes death has become the subject of an increasingly heated debate in the United States and elsewhere around the world in recent years. In addition, an associated debate centers on who should have authority to make the final determination that a person is dead. The Standard Definition of Death Over the…

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Is Vomit a Biohazard?

In order to fully protect yourself from communicable diseases, you need to have a solid understanding of how different viruses and bacteria can spread. This includes understanding what items and materials are deemed to be biohazards. As is the case with many individuals, you may face a time at which you will encounter vomit. You…

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How to Identify Raccoon Droppings

Raccoons historically lived in forests and other wooded areas. As human developments have encroached into their natural habitats, raccoons have been highly adept at adapting. In other words, raccoons have shown little difficulty in successfully living in the heart of suburban and even urban communities. Indeed, in many cities, raccoons have become commonplace. In addition…

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Raccoons: The Midnight Food Bandits That Leave Behind Dangerous Droppings

Raccoons are mammals that grow to a length of about two feet when mature. Raccoons are indigenous to forests but are highly intelligent and adaptable animals. As a result, they have taken to living in urban areas as metropolitan communities expand. Raccoons are nocturnal animals and generally avoid contact with humans. With that noted, as…