Tear Gas Cleaning

Tear Gas Cleanup in Los Angeles, California

Eco Bear is locally owned and operated in Studio City, providing tear gas cleanup in Los Angeles County,
California. We can handle pepper spray, smoke bomb, flash grenade cleanup as well as all of your
biohazard remediation and removal needs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide prompt,
compassionate and expert cleaning for the most difficult jobs.

Expert, Professional and Prompt Tear Gas Removal and Remediation

Pepper spray and tear gas are extremely caustic and can be much more than just an irritant. They can
cause intense pain, serious respiratory issues, rashes and other allergic reactions. They could even be
responsible for seriously injuring the heart and liver. Crime scenes, particularly SWAT engagements
require tear gas cleaning. These canisters which explode and can become imbedded in walls requiring
expert remediation and repair.

Biohazards like tear gas are very stubborn to remove from the buildings and objects they contaminate.
They leave an oily residue that must be properly neutralized before cleaning properly. Eco Bear will
expertly remediate tear gas and all remove all biohazards from exposed floors, ceilings, walls and
furniture. We follow strict procedures set forth by OSHA and the California Department of Public Health
to ensure your safety and ours. Eco Bear is ready to handle all of your tear gas cleaning needs, call us

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