Vehicle Biohazard Cleaning

Vehicle Biohazard Remediation and Removal in Los Angeles

Often crime scene cleanings, blood remediation, homicide and suicide cleanups take place in cars,
trucks, boats, planes or vans. These jobs typically present more of a challenge than the inside of a
building and require extra attention to detail. Eco Bear serves all of Los Angeles County with expert and
compassionate vehicle biohazard cleanup services. We are available 24/7, all weekends and holidays.

Local, Expert and Compassionate Vehicle Blood Cleaning

Eco Bear is located right here in Studio City, we are family owned and operated. We hate hearing news
of fatal vehicle accidents and our hearts go out to everyone who loses loved ones in these tragedies. The
trauma scene left after a wreck, homicide or suicide must be expertly handled to eliminate the chance of
infection from diseased biofluids and tissue. Our technicians are specially trained for bio hazardous
vehicle cleanup in California.

We will promptly and skillfully perform a complete vehicle blood cleanup and biohazard remediation
service for you anywhere in Los Angeles. Eco Bear follows strict adherence to the procedures and
procedures that OSHA and the California Department of Public Health require. We always wear all of the
necessary protective gear to safely and professionally perform blood cleanup in your vehicle. You can
trust Eco Bear to handle any of your heavy cleaning jobs.

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