Behind the Scenes: The Rest of the Story

During the earlier years of my adult life, I spent some time trying to settle on precisely what I wanted to do for a living. I certainly know I was not alone in the that regard. Many people have a bit of wanderlust after they become adults.

I joined the Coast Guard and learned a great deal about service. After that, I ventured to Alaska, where I went to work as a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay. That proved to be a providential move for me personally. While working in Alaska, a woman who would later become my wife ended up in the city on vacation. We met and fell in love.

After we wed, my new wife and I traveled around the United States and even lived in Mexico for a while. I would venture back up to Alaska for salmon fishing season. Eventually, my wife and I decided to settle down in her hometown of Los Angeles. It was here that we had our baby boy and started our business, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company.

There is a persistent need for these types of biohazard remediation services our company provides. The work of a biohazard remediator is not something to which a large number of people are drawn due to the inherent challenges of the work.

In basic terms, a biohazard remediation service assists people at very challenging moments in their lives. For example, a biohazard remediation specialist cleans up, sanitizes, deodorizes, and restores the scene after certain types of incidents. These include suicides, homicides, traumatic accidents, and similar types of traumatic occurrences.

I learned something keenly important during the first week of operating Eco Bear. Not only does our family business provide people invaluable services, our team of experienced, compassionate professionals also offer sincere personal support to individuals and families struggling with the aftermath of a tragic life event.

Many people who’ve lost a loved one or have experienced some other type of traumatic event at times also need a caring listener to share what they are enduring at a particular point in their lives. Because of the work I do at Eco Bear, I have the opportunity each and every week to make connections with people – people who need a compassionate connection at what very well may be their darkest hour.

The longer I work with people through Eco Bear I’ve collected stories of tragedy turning to hope and of people connecting to and caring for one another. In today’s world, it’s not just traumatic events that can take a toll on people. In fact, the seemingly unrelenting challenges of day to day living can wear on a person. Life’s more routine challenges at times can make a person feel cynical or overwhelmed.

Understanding that reality, I realized that people from all walks of life, people facing a myriad of different types of challenges each and every day, might benefit from considering the stories of some of the people we’ve worked for at Eco Bear. As a consequence, we created Behind the Scenes: The Rest of the Story.

While protecting the privacy of our clients, this section of our website takes a reader behind the scenes of what happens when Eco Bear professionals work for people. More often than not, a touching or educational story (or a tale with both elements) can be drawn from the connections we make with the people we serve.

Behind the Scenes: The Rest of the Story allows us to candidly share the challenging incidents that befall people much like you. More importantly, Behind the Scenes: The Rest of the Story permits us to share with you and others how men, women, and families rise up and prevail even in some very dark moments.

Time and again, not only am I honored to serve our clients but I am also inspired by them. Yes, my family’s company provides vital tangible assistance to individuals and families by taking on tough work in restoring a home or business after a tragic event. These are things in which I take pride. More significantly, the meaningful connections I have the opportunity to make with our clients have rewarded me in ways that I will carry throughout my life.

My family, and the rest of the team at Eco Bear, invite you to take a moment to read a story or two – or even all of them – that we share with you. We think you will be like us – you will learn things and you will be moved by the experiences we’ve had with our clients and share with you here today.

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