Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleanup in Los Angeles, California

Eco Bear crime scene cleanup in Los Angeles, California performs expert and caring blood cleanup, death, homicide and suicide cleaning. We provide tear gas cleanup as well as removing and remediating all bio hazardous material. We will promptly assess your scene as to the level of contamination and cleaning that will be needed. Then immediately begin with any necessary emergency cleaning procedures.

The scene of crimes can have substances such as luminol and fingerprint dust that are difficult to remove. First, we will completely remove dirt, grime, bio hazards and chemicals then sanitize and deodorize the area. We will perform the cleanup quickly, discretely and completely with as little impact on you or others who are there.


Professional and compassionate biohazard cleaning services

Eco Bear family is sorry for any loss you are dealing with. Homicide and suicide cleaning are some of our toughest jobs and they must be done with extreme care each step of the way. Every square inch that has been exposed to bio hazardous material has to be found then completely cleaned. Many times blood, bio fluids and matter are hidden in difficult to detect spots. Great attention must be paid and skill taken to completely clean a crime scene. The Eco Bear family is fully trained and expertly prepared to handle your job from start to finish.

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