How Our Family Business Became Known as Eco Bear

You may occasionally wonder how a business got its name. If you poked around even a bit, you might be surprised how even some of the best-known brands were named. Coca-Cola, one of the most pervasive products in the world, got its name and logo from the bookkeeper of the man who originally formulated the beverage.

Apple, the iconic computer company, got its name by happenstance. The company’s founders were facing a deadline to file governmental documents for licensing purposes. As they drew into the final hour, one of the company’s founders, Steve Jobs, looked down at an apple he was eating – and the enterprise was christened.

At Eco Bear, we took a thoughtful approach to the naming of our biohazard remediation company. Our business provides services to people during what oftentimes are challenging moments in their lives. Thus, we wanted a business name that conveyed the commitment of our family and other team members to safely, effectively provide our clients the services they need in a compassionate and understanding manner.

In the end, we came up with Eco Bear. And there are some very specific reasons why we chose to wed these two words to form the name for our consumer oriented, family owned business.

The Link Between the Human Ecosystem and Eco Bear


When you read or hear the word “ecosystem,” you very well may think of the world around you. You certainly live your life in an utterly extraordinary ecosystem. In so many ways, the world around you is an incredible place. What you may not have fully focused on is that you – you – are an amazing ecosystem yourself. Your own body forms an amazing world in and of itself.

As an ecosystem, your body has trillions of organisms living on it and in it. These microorganisms include viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In fact, at this moment, there are more microbes living on your skin than there are people populating the planet today. In addition, there exist a thousand-times the number of microbes in your gut than there are people on Earth at this moment.

The manifold multitude of microbes on and in the human body form a myriad of communities. All of these individual communities come together to create what is an individual human microbiome or human ecosystem. No two microbiomes are alike, your own being uniquely different from everyone else on the planet.

There is a specific reason why our family elected to include reference to the human ecosystem in our firm’s name. At Eco Bear, our family and other team members are experienced, compassionate professionals, specialists in biohazard cleanup or biohazard remediation. What this means in the most fundamental way is that we address eliminating, cleaning up, or remediating the traumatic aftermath of a human ecosystem that has somehow come under attack.

Whether this be a situation in which a person has died by suicide or homicide, or in which a person experienced an unattended death and was not immediately discovered, a unique human microbiome has been irreversibly disrupted. Eco Bear safely and thoroughly addresses that challenging aftermath.

In addition, our firm is there when a human ecosystem is threatened by some type of outside force. For example, exposure to such things as rodent droppings, the effects of hoarding, or the existence of a homeless encampment that can potentially imperil the healthy operation of a human ecosystem. In other words, these things can present the prospect of infecting a person with serious pathogens that can cause a serious or even fatal disease.

Bear head icon | Eco Bear

The Iconic California Grizzly Bear, Our Family Founded and Owned Business

If you’re a California resident, you know that the state flag is emblazoned with a buff looking bear. If you are like a good many Californians, you may not know that a very specific type of bear is set dead center on the California state flag. That bear is the aptly named California Grizzly Bear. The California Grizzly Bear is also incorporated in the state seal.

The California Grizzly Bear has been a long-enduring symbol of the state, being used in that regard since 1864. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the animal itself. The California Grizzly Bear was last spotted in Sequoia National Park in 1924. The bear has never been seen since and is considered long extinct. The spirit of the iconic bear lives on in symbols of our state as well as in the work of our biohazard cleanup company, Eco Bear.

The California Grizzly Bear was known for its three potent features. The singular bear was known for its beauty, size, and strength.

When our family considered what to name our biohazard remediation company, we quickly concluded that the California Grizzly Bear needed to be a primary part of our firm’s moniker. We believe that the formidable traits of the bear, particularly its strength, provide a fair and appropriate description of what we do on behalf of our clients.