A gifted entrepreneur with a keen talent for team building, and the mother of three boys, Emil Kil is able to draw and combine from these aspects of her professional and personal life in her dedicated work on behalf of clients of Eco Bear, the firm she founded and has led since its inception.

“Meeting the needs of our clients is not just our duty, but it is also an opportunity for us to make a positive impact in their lives — especially at a juncture in time when these people are facing virtually overwhelming challenges. By providing excellent service and going the extra mile, we consistently inspire trust and ultimate satisfaction on the part of our clients. My role at Eco Bear is more than just a job. It really has been a chance to make a difference. It is an opportunity to exceed their expectations every day.”
Before launching Eco Bear about a decade ago, Emily was involved in truly client-centric professional pursuits in different locales in California. She worked as a sales rep for different tech companies in the San Francisco Bay area. Emily moved to Los Angeles and oversaw search engine optimization or SEO for a digital marketing company. Through these dynamic professional experiences, Emily honed her ability to connect and understand the needs of clients. She also cultivated an appreciation of utilizing the latest tools and technologies to best achieve the important goals and objectives. Ultimately, Emily brought these hands-on experiences and developed skillsets to her leadership role at Eco Bear.

Emily established and now runs this comprehensive biohazard remediation company to assist people in restoring their homes and businesses after catastrophic events like fires, floods, biohazard contamination, health issues, and other significant matters that can upend a residence or commercial property. Her commitment to working with individuals, families, business owners was forged by helping them in the most difficult of times.

Emily Kil has garnered the recognition of her colleagues, employees, industry peers, and clients for her professional attributes. Emily is regarded as a leader with a clear vision for her business. She is able to see the big picture and make strategic decisions that will drive the company forward for the benefit of Eco Bear clients.

Emily Kil’s empathy for others, particularly people experiencing difficult times, drew her to create Eco Bear in the first instance. In her role as CEO of Eco Bear, Emily has been recognized as innovative. She is always looking for new and creative ways to improve the manner in which clients of Eco Bear can be served. In addition, Emily operates Eco Bear with a commitment to transparency, honesty, and integrity. She is identified as a person who holds herself, her business, and its experienced, professional team to the highest possible ethical standards.

As the CEO of Eco Bear, I strive each and every day to do all that is possible to make things right and ensure satisfaction the right result for our clients. Guaranteeing results is not about promising perfection, but rather committing to doing everything in our power to fully and safely address the particular remediation needs of each specific individual, family, business, or other type of entity we provide our professional services.


A Letter from Emily Kil

Dear Neighbor,

If you’re visiting the Eco Bear website, if you’re reading this letter, you likely are facing a significantly challenging set of circumstances that has resulted in the need for biohazard cleanup and remediation. The reality is that you may find yourself in the midst of one of the most challenging situations you have yet to face during the course of your life.

I do not sit here today saying “I understand how you feel.” The response to an unexpected and even unimagined challenge is unique to us all. What I can fairly say is that I have tremendous empathy for your situation, I’ve worked with other people in similar circumstances, and the rest of the Eco Bear team and I are here for you during these understandably difficult times.

As the head of our locally and family owned, I have direct involvement in the work Eco Bear undertakes on behalf of our clients. I don’t just review some digital monthly report of business activity. In other words, what matters to you as a client matters to me as the person who created and now manages the operations of Eco Bear.

If you have any questions about our company and our services that remain unanswered after considering the information provided for you at our website, feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].


Emily Kil