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    In many ways, nothing is more devastating than the need to cleanup a dangerous biohazardous situation in your home. The underlying causes of residential biohazards include some truly traumatic life-altering events like suicide, violent crime, unattended death, and flooding with raw sewage. Other situations like rodent infestation and associated droppings as well as infectious disease remediation may be less emotionally challenging but nonetheless present very real risks to your loved ones. As a family-owned and operated neighborhood business, the team at Eco Bear understands the sanctity of the home and the need to comprehensively address a biohazard cleanup thoroughly, safely, discretely, and with respect to the dignity of your loved ones and inherent value of your residence.

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    Every type of biohazardous situation in a home presents unique challenges. Our diligent team of seasoned professionals has a strong background of addressing a broad range of different types of biohazard cleanups, challenging situations that include:

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    Comprehensive Biohazard Remediation to Restore Your Home to a Fully Livable Condition

    We provide safe, comprehensive biohazard remediation services to ensure your home is fully restored.

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    Safe Biohazard Cleanup

    We begin the process by safely and thoroughly removing any biohazardous material from your home. We ensure that these harmful materials are taken from your residence and appropriately disposed.

    Comprehensive Sanitization

    We use safe, highly effective sanitizing agents and equipment to make sure any and all dangerous germs are eradicated from your home. We ensure your home is a germ-free environment.

    Complete Deodorization

    Finally, oftentimes a biohazardous situation in a home results in what can only be described as a horrible stench. We finish the comprehensive remediation process by fully eliminating any odors in your home.

    We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. Our family understands the vital importance of the home and when that sanctity is at risk, we know you can’t want for effective, discrete, and reasonably priced biohazard cleanup assistance. Our team will promptly be at your home to map out a remediation strategy that meets your needs. We will provide a clear price quote, a dollar amount that you will find beats the competition.

    Our Success Stories

    “One of the most emotionally challenging moments in our lives occurred during the holiday season a year ago. Our adult son, Thomas, was visiting us for the holidays. We had planned a family outing for dinner and to drive around our town to check out the Christmas lights. Thomas begged off from the evening out and about because he said he wasn’t feeling well. We didn’t think much of it.

    When we returned home, our lives changed forever. There is no easy way to say what had happened. Our son took his life using a firearm. We were lost on so many levels, including not understanding what support was available to us to deal with the aftermath of our boy’s death.

    We reached out to Emily, one of the owners of Eco Bear. She and her husband came to our home and gently shared with us what they would do to cleanup the scene of our son’s death. They wasted no time in making sure our home was fully cleaned. They showed us deep compassion and understanding in the hour of our greatest need.”

    Martin and Marilyn N.

    “Last fall, I discovered my home was infested with mice. I’d never had this happen before. I knew I had a problem that a couple of mouse traps couldn’t resolve. So, I contacted a professional exterminator.

    Once the mice were eliminated from my home I realized I had yet another problem. Rat droppings littered the attic, between the walls, inside the HVAC system, and elsewhere in the house. I did understand that rat droppings could spread serious and even fatal disease.

    I hired the folks at Eco Bear to undertake rodent dropping cleanup throughout my house. In no time at all, there was absolutely no trace of the rodent droppings. I literally could breath easier knowing that my home was once again safe, sound, and disease free.”

    Jackie B.

    “The storm seemed to come out of nowhere. The rain fell fast and hard and resulted in sewage backing up into our home. In so many ways, the aftermath of the storm was unthinkable.

    We realized we didn’t have the resources or the energy to appropriately cleanup the sewage that made its way into our home on our own. A friend recommended Eco Bear – and are we ever glad he did.

    The team at Eco Bear was immediately at our home. We received an easy to understand cost estimate and Emily from Eco Bear explained precisely how they would go about cleaning up the unthinkable muck and get our house back to normal. And they did!”

    Pamela and Stephan P.

    “I live in Indiana. My mother was a resident of Southern California. I certainly did my best to stay in regular contact with my mother. We typically spoke on the phone about once a week and I visited a couple of times a year.

    My mother lived alone and about a year ago she had a fatal heart attack at home. I had spoken to her on the morning of the day she died. I called her five days later and didn’t get an answer. I immediately asked the local police to make a welfare call to my mother’s home. When the police arrived, my mother’s remains were discovered.

    The police explained the need for professional assistance in cleaning up the room in which my mother died. Being hundreds and hundreds of miles away I was at something of a loss. I reached out to Eco Bear and visited with Raymond, one of the owners. Ray and his team went immediately to my mother’s home and professional cleaned, making sure no trace remained of the tragic end of my mother’s life.

    I will forever be grateful to Ray and his crew at Eco Bear. They were really with me at a difficult time.”

    Bill C.


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