A challenging situation a person can face in his or her home is the presence of some type of biohazard. A biohazard is some type of dangerous pathogen – like bacteria or viruses – that present a health risk to human beings and other animals. Eliminating or eradicating a biohazard in your home is complicated and potentially dangerous business. Thus, when this type of situation exists in a person’s home, professional assistance is nearly always the recommended course. If you find yourself in this type of position, you need to understand what happens when a biohazard cleaning company in Big Bear, California undertakes the remediation process.

Common Situations That Result in Residential Biohazards

A biohazard can develop or exist in a residence for a number of reasons. The most common situations that result in residential biohazards in Big Bear include:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Homicide
  • Other criminal act
  • Suicide
  • Attempted suicide
  • Drug overdose
  • Accident
  • Unattended death or undiscovered death
  • Rodent Droppings
  • Certain bird droppings

Examples of Dangerous Pathogens Found in a Biohazardous Scene

There is a myriad of different types of dangerous pathogens that can be found at a biohazardous scene. Some of the more common types of dangerous pathogens that may be present at a Big Bear biohazard scene include:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA
  • Hantavirus
  • Other infectious diseases

Bear in mind that there are other types of pathogens that may be the focus of a biohazard cleanup in California. In addition, there are situations in which more than one type of pathogen will be found at a biohazard scene.

How a Professional Biohazard Cleaning Company in Big Bear, California Works

Professional biohazard cleaning is a process far more focused, thorough, and comprehensive than what a homeowner typically is able to undertake on his or her own. In order to fully understand what is involved in biohazard remediation, you need to have a basic understanding of what is involved in the work of a biohazard cleaning company in Big Bear, California.

The biohazard cleaning process begins with eliminating any biological material from the scene. This can include biomaterial like blood, bodily fluids, other biological matter, and a material like rodent droppings. Anything that has been contaminated with these items is either cleaned or also discarded if cleaning them proves to not be possible. For example, if someone died violently in a bed, a mattress cannot be cleaned when contaminated with blood and will need to be disposed of. The contaminated area is cut from the mattress and is disposed of using an appropriate biohazard container.

Once the initial cleanup process is completed, a professional Big Bear biohazard remediator then sanitizes the impacted area. This involves the use of specialized chemicals, medical grade products that are designed to thoroughly sanitize contaminated surfaces and objects.

At the conclusion of the sanitization process, the premises are deodorized. The reality is that when a biohazard occurs, foul odors can also arise. The discovery of the body of a person who died more than a couple of days earlier is an example of a situation in which deodorization is a significant element of biohazard remediation.

The human decomposition process commences immediately upon death and within a couple of days, foul-smelling gases begin to release from the remains. The stench of the gases can prove to be intense and challenging to eliminate, necessitating the use of the chemicals and equipment a professional remediator has in its arsenal.

The ultimate objective of the work of a biohazard cleaning company in Big Bear, California is to return a residence to a habitable state by eliminating any trace of a biohazard. This includes removal of any observable physical evidence of a biohazard, eradication of dangerous pathogens that underpin a biohazard, and the elimination of any foul stench associated with the situation.

Cost of Biohazard Cleaning Services in Big Bear, California

The costs associated with biohazard cleaning in Big Bear depends upon the specific circumstances at hand. A reputable biohazard remediation company provides a reliable estimate of the costs associated with a cleanup job. In addition, a reputable remediation company is paid when a job is completed.

Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is typically half the cost of our competitors. We charge $250 an hour for labor and $250 for each 40-gallon biohazard waste bin. Biohazard cleanups are usually between $1000-$2500.

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