One of the most devasting occurrences in a home or business is flooding and sewage contamination. This catastrophic state of affairs not only causes physical damage to the premises but presents a serious risk of disease. The moment floodwaters contaminated by sewage enter a building, dangerous disease-causing pathogens are present. These include bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms with the potential to cause serious and sometimes even fatal illnesses. The health risks associated with flooding and sewage demand immediate professional remediation. Call our veteran-led sewage cleaning services company.

Flooding, Water Damage, and Health Issues

Depending on where you live in the world, there are different health risks and issues associated with flooding and water damage. If you reside in California, and elsewhere in the United States, there are five types of illnesses associated with flooding. These are: Skin and other infections Gastrointestinal illnesses Mosquito-borne illnesses Legionnaires Disease Hepatitis  Skin…

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Understanding the Importance of Safe, Professional Human Feces Cleanup

Life can take unexpected courses and present unimaginable challenges. Many of these unanticipated challenges arise when a loved one is injured, becomes ill, or ages. Indeed, some of the issues that accompany injury, illness, and aging prove difficult to even discuss. One such issue is a situation in which an injury, illness, aging, or some…