As is the case in other segments of the economy, the entertainment industry is positioning itself to “reopen” after a wide-ranging suspension of operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The paramount concern with the relaunch of film, television, and other types of productions is the health and safety of all involved in these enterprises. The frontline strategy associated with keeping Hollywood safe is preventing and rapidly remediating COVID-19 contamination. Accomplishing proactive prevention and rapid remediation demands the assistance of a reputable COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection company

Eco Bear: Hollywood Industry COVID-19 Cleaning Company

Eco Bear is the leading Hollywood COVID-19 cleaning company. Our team of highly experienced, dedicated professionals provide comprehensive coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to ensure the health and safety of people involved in all aspects of film, television, and other types of production. 

A local business headquartered in Studio City, Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led biohazard cleaning company that provides a full spectrum of services at the most affordable pricing in the industry. Indeed, our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services typically cost 50 percent less than the competition. 

Understanding the unique, immediate needs of the film, television, and associated industries, we are available to you around the clock, 365 days a year. You can reach us at any time by calling (818) 358-4359.

Comprehensive Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services Tailored to the Unique Need of Hollywood

When Hollywood powerhouse Tom Hanks took to Twitter and announced he contracted COVID-19 while on location in Australia, as did his wife Rita Wilson, the industry took notice of the dreadful reality of this novel coronavirus. Indeed, a fair statement is that the country and much of the world took a sharper look at the dangers associated with COVID-19 when a person who truly can be described as a “household name” contracted the infection. 

Of course, news of Hanks and Wilson having been infected with COVID-19 on their latest motion picture project has now become only two of many people in the industry who’ve contracted the disease, including individuals who’ve lost their lives. When this news and later stories highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the infectious disease remediation specialists at Eco Bear were already hard at work developing strategies to prevent coronavirus contamination and to remediate contaminated sites. 

Film and Television Set and Studio COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection

Film and television sets and studios are among some of the most unique environments anywhere. Sets and studios necessarily bring together a wide range and oftentimes larger numbers of people into relatively confined spaces. The natural attributes of sets and studios demands constant attention to individual strategies to lower the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Equally significant, sets and studios must be protected by aggressive preemptive coronavirus contamination prevention strategies coupled with rapid remediation of the premises when COVID-19 contamination is suspected.

The team of coronavirus contamination prevention and remediation specialists at Eco Bear have extensive backgrounds that allow us the ability to effectively, safely, and thoroughly address all COVID-19 issues in a sensitive area like a soundstage, set, or studio. We can accomplish everything that needs to be done to implement a coronavirus prevention plan or complete a COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection with the least amount of disruption to a production. Above all, we work tirelessly with producers and others to ensure the safety of all people involved in a production. 

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection on Location

The COVID-19 sanitization professionals at Eco Bear can be dispatched to any location. Of course, we understand fully that not only must sets, soundstages, and studios be protected again COVID-19 contamination, but shooting locations need to be as well. Understanding the fact that a particular production may call for the use of locations that otherwise involve access by members of the general public, we can be on call as needed to immediately address concerns regarding site COVID-19 contamination issues. Truly, we are as committed to the safety and welfare of our clients as production producers and others responsible for location shooting are to casts and crews. 

Coronavirus and Craft Services

Eco Bear is available to coordinate with craft services to ensure that food and beverages are available in a safe, contagion free environment. We all understand that it is at craft services where people understandably become a bit more relaxed. With that said, the Eco Bear team can work closely with craft services to develop a strategy to protect against COVID-19 contamination in the first instance. 

Moreover, if contamination in the craft services area is suspected, our rapid response team can be at a studio or on location to remediation a potential risk immediately. We can address a craft services related coronavirus contamination risk in a manner that protects the integrity and operation of a production as a whole. 

Costumes, Props, Equipment, and COVID-19 Contamination

As mentioned previously, Eco Bear provides comprehensive COVID-19 contamination prevention and remediation services. Not only does this include cleaning and disinfecting contaminated spaces but also objects and items, including costumes, props, and equipment. We undertake this type of targeted coronavirus remediation with extreme care to ensure thorough disinfection as well as to protect fully a particular costume, prop, or piece of equipment in the process.

Involvement of Cast and Crew in Preventing COVID-19 Contamination and Infection

Eco Bear is committed to a holistic approach to keeping everyone associated with a production not only safe and healthy but confident in what is being done to protect them. Because of our all-inclusive commitment to each and every client, we work with producers and others to ensure that the cast and crew of a production have access to reliable information about how we will protect them against COVID-19 infection when on the set or soundstage, in the studio, or on location. We partner with production management to ensure that specific concerns of cast and crew members are appropriately addressed.

Film and Television Production Insurance Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Production-related legalities are frustrating in the best of times. Perhaps nothing is more challenging than satisfying requirements established by a production insurance company. In the end, because an insurance company is called upon to provide coverage if a production is shut down or interrupted for certain reasons, an insurer necessarily is engrossed on points that must be met before coverage is made available.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance companies that provide coverage for film and television productions have a sharp focus on a myriad of issues associated with the impact this virus potentially could have on a project. An insurance company is going to want to see a clearly delineated, comprehensive strategy to reasonably protect against COVID-19 contamination in the first instance and to remediate rapidly (and safely) a suspected coronavirus contamination. 

Rather unique to our own industry, we’ve long worked with insurance companies when it comes to matters associated with biohazard remediation, including infectious disease cleaning and disinfection. We directly assist production companies and others in mapping out comprehensive strategies to protect against and remediate upon occurrence COVID-19 contamination. We develop meaningful (and affordable) protocols and strategies designed to not only protect those individuals involved in a particular project, but to satisfy all production insurance requirements.  

As we slowly move towards lessening restrictions on business activities in California, including in regard to film and television production, the team at Eco Bear is ready to assist in keeping casts and crews safe and healthy. Call us any time at (818) 358-4359.