The term “biohazard cleanup” seems like it could be connected to cleaning companies working in some dystopian, science fiction war novel, but it’s actually a very modern and very advanced segment of the cleaning industry. Biohazardous waste, sometimes referred to as infectious waste, is waste that’s filled with infectious materials like bacteria and viruses that could spread disease.

A biohazard cleaner is a cleaner who cleans, deodorizes. and sanitizes locations where there’s been a murder, an accident, a suicide, or any other type of event that has created a biohazardous waste situation. It’s not an easy job, and it’s one that requires the person handling it to have a high level of technical expertise, knowledge, and skills so that they can dispose of the waste in such a way as to prevent the spread of disease. It’s absolutely crucial that you work with a biohazard cleaning team that knows exactly what it’s doing. Our team is that team. 

What Special Certifications Are Needed To Do Biohazard Cleanup?

There are no special certifications needed in order to do biohazard cleanup. Having said that, OSHA demands that anyone involved in biohazard cleanup has to have gone through intensive and complete training in bloodborne pathogens personal protective equipment. Our cleaning specialists are highly trained in the most up-to-date biohazard cleaning safety measures. This helps ensure that we are in complete control no matter what we encounter when we arrive on site. 

What Types of Incidents Would Require a Biohazard Cleanup Team?

There are several instances where it makes sense to call in a biohazard cleanup team. Some of those incidents are listed below. 

Meth Lab Accident or Cleanup

Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. In addition to the devastation that it’s caused in people’s lives, it has the added issue of being an extremely toxic substance to even be around. A meth lab that has not been properly cleaned out can actually damage the respiratory system of anyone who enters it. Meth lab cleanup needs to be handled in a specific way so that not a single particle is left behind. 

Our teams are highly trained in meth lab cleanup, ensuring that we get rid of every single crystal of the drug. Meth is also extremely flammable, making the potential of a fire or an explosion extremely high. You need a team that is completely comfortable working around this drug. 

Hoarding House Cleanup

When it comes to cleaning out a hoarder house, you’re not only dealing with the immense amounts of trash involved. You’re also dealing with biohazardous waste that has been left to fester. This includes human-based biohazards like human waste, bodily fluids, blood, and other types of waste that have been left on surfaces, floors, and rooms without being cleared away. In addition to human-based waste, hoarder houses often have pets and animals that haven’t been cleaned up after for long periods of time. In some cases, those animals have died. The owners have kept the bodies in the house, creating an extremely dangerous biohazardous situation. All of this biohazardous material creates a clear path for viruses and bacteria to spread, potentially infecting healthy people. 

Murder/Suicide/Accidental or Natural Death

Crime scenes like murders, suicides, or accident sites usually have large amounts of biohazardous waste. Blood, tissue, body fluids, and many other types of matter are usually very prevalent. 

Our teams know how to go in and secure the site, clear away the aftermath, and clean, sanitize, and disinfect the site so that we prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and make the site safe for human habitation and use.

Most people prefer working with crime scene cleaning specialists when these types of events occur. By staying away, they avoid the risk of physical injury due to virus or bacteria exposure. By doing so, they’re also able to survive the emotional trauma of the event. We not only handle the cleanup, but we pay attention to the survivors’ needs and work with them in an empathetic way. 

Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear gas is an extremely dangerous weapon that can cause lifelong health issues to people who have been exposed to it. If it’s not cleared away properly from a scene, it can continue to infect anyone who comes into contact with the space. Our team has the tools to go in and effectively remove all signs of tear gas.There are different types of tear gas, and each type has its own cleaning method. We are familiar with all types of cleaning methods and can handle each accordingly.

How Long Does It Take To Do Biohazard Cleaning?

Every biohazard cleaning situation is different. Some sites will need a very straightforward cleanup if it turns out that there was very minimal biohazardous waste coverage. Cleaning those sites will take less time than it will for other types of sites. Sites that have longer cleaning times include those that are large in scale, ones that have lots of little nooks, crannies, and furniture that could be covered in tissue or blood, or ones filled with highly porous material that’s absorbed the waste. 

We will go in and assess the situation so that we can determine next steps regarding time and cost. Odor is another time suck since it can be extremely difficult to remove. A room may require numerous deodorizing treatments before odors are completely eradicated and the space is livable again.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for biohazard cleaning in Adelanto, California so that we can make a plan as to how to proceed. Our cleaners are professional and empathetic, helping you make the best of a difficult task.

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