If you’re looking into crime scene cleaning companies in Agoura Hills, California, you probably have a lot of questions. Crime scene cleaning can be really difficult to deal with, especially if you have a connection to whatever happened at the scene. 

Very few people ever expect that they’re ever going to have to deal with a crime scene one day, let alone clean one. There are a lot of emotions to unpack regarding the crime, so cleaning the scene can feel very overwhelming to people who are connected in some way to the victim or victims. 

This is where we come in. We have years of experience cleaning crime scenes, making sure that the spaces where crimes take place are restored to their original condition so that people can move forward with their lives.

What Does Crime Scene Cleaning Mean?

Crime scene cleaning literally means cleaning up the scene of a crime. That’s the most general definition at least. Crime scene cleaning can also refer to trauma scene cleanup. This type of cleanup takes place at sites where some type of trauma has happened that has resulted in injury or death. This is why many crimes and companies sometimes refer to crime scene clean-up as “trauma scene cleanup.”

Crime scene cleanup differs from any other type of cleanup. With this type of cleaning, the goal is to remove waste from the scene of a crime or traumatic event that contains pathogens and other infectious material. Pathogens are microorganisms like viruses and bacteria that cause diseases in humans. These pathogens are found in biohazardous waste and other types of infectious waste. 

The most common type of waste located at crime scenes is biohazardous waste. This waste includes blood, bodily fluids, body tissue, human waste, and tons of other different types of matter. It is extremely important that crime scene cleaners remove this type of waste from a crime scene so that it doesn’t end up infecting people who come to the site. If a crime scene is not cleaned properly, the pathogens remain in the room. This means that anyone who walks into the room afterwards simply needs to touch a contaminated surface to become infected.

What Happens During the Crime Scene Cleaning Process?

Every crime scene is different, so the process for cleaning up a crime scene will vary from site to site. In general, however, crime scenes follow the same protocols.

The crime scene cleaning team will come in and assess the site. They’ll make a determination regarding how big the crime scene is, figure out which types of tools and cleaners will be needed to complete cleaning, and determine how long they think the cleaning will take. Once the client has all of this information, they will be able to build a remediation plan.

Next, remove all infectious and potentially infectious material from the scene. We make sure that we handle the waste according to state and federal standards so that we eliminate the risk of recontamination. We transfer the waste into special receptacles that are built to secure the contents within so there is no risk of anything getting out. It’s important to note that some porous items may need to be completely disposed of. This is because the biohazardous and infectious waste may have seeped deeply into the item’s fibers, making it impossible to remove it. 

Once the site has been cleared of all visible signs of the incident, we then begin the cleaning process. We use OSHA and EPA-approved cleaners to cleanse, disinfect, and deodorize the space. These types of cleaners are the only cleaners that can ensure that pathogens are killed and the threat of the spread of disease is eliminated. 

Depending on the type of crime scene, the cleaners may need to use special machines called ozone generators. These machines target and destroy the microorganisms that cause bad odors. The amount of time that the machines will need to run in the space will depend on the severity of the odor.

Who Is in Charge of Crime Scene Clean-Up?

What many people don’t realize is that the people who own the space that a crime took place in are responsible for crime scene clean-up. When you watch television shows where crimes have been committed, that little fact is never made clear. Because of this, many people assume that the police department takes care of cleanup, but they don’t. Once law enforcement releases the scene, the owners of the space need to start the cleaning process. 

This is why it makes sense for people to work with professional crime scene cleaning companies. These companies can take on the burden of cleaning crime scenes so that the people who live or work in the space can focus on the task of healing. Crime scenes are usually very traumatic, and the last thing survivors want to do is worry about cleaning them.

How Much Does Crime Scene Cleaning Cost?

Crime scene cleaning costs vary from site to site. The final cost will depend on several factors. Those factors include how much time the cleaning team needed to be on site, how many people needed to be involved in the cleaning, and the types of tools that were needed to complete the cleaning. You can get in touch with us at any time of day or night so that we can discuss costs.

Crime scene cleaning can take a lot out of you. The logistics involved can be a lot to manage, especially for people who are focusing on trying to get their lives back together. Give us a call if you really don’t know which way to turn. We can help you figure out what your next step should be in the process so that you can get on the road to healing.