California gets a bad rap as a high crime rate state, but many of its cities and towns provide an idyllic existence with exceedingly little crime. Alhambra, CA provides one of these zones of order with a crime rate 1.5 times lower than the US average. While the US overall crime rate stands at 274.0, Alhambra has a tiny 184.9 on the City-Data crime index. 

 In 2018, Alhambra experienced only three homicides. Although its violent crime rate had dropped in 2016 to 90.1 from 106.8 the prior year, it rose in 2017 and 2018, the most recent years with complete data available. In 2018, the town of Alhambra ranked 126.0 on the violent crime index. That still makes it a remarkably more peaceful area compared to the rest of the country. The US average crime rate in 2018 was 207.3. 

Conversely, its property crimes continue to fall in number. In 2018, Alhambra ranked 199.8 on the index, a significant decrease from 2016’s 216.6 rankings. Only in this area does Alhambra slightly exceed the national average with its ranking of 189.3 on the property crime index.

Statistics show that crime happens less often in Alhambra, CA. When our residents experience a property or violent crime though, it may seem more jarring. Our community simply experiences those things less often making them less prepared. Let Eco Bear help you handle the tough parts of restoring order to your home or business. We handle the crime scene cleanup for you. 

People often connect the need for crime scene cleanup to homicides probably due to watching CSI or Law & Order. Other deaths also require the same level of cleaning and disinfection plus biohazards cleaning. These include unattended deaths and suicides. The trauma of these deaths negates you wanting to do the cleanup yourself. You have enough to deal with already and Eco Bear remains ready to help. An unattended death can create biohazards that you do not likely have the appropriate equipment or cleaning materials to sanitize. When a human body decomposes, it creates hazardous wastes that the average Alhambra resident would not be prepared to address. Eco Bear empathizes, so you handle the arrangements for medical treatments or preparation of the body, the funeral arrangements and the police reports; we will handle the cleanup and restoration of the space to its original state. 

If you do watch crime television shows, you probably think those police departments have their own cleanup teams. They do not. All of the crime scene cleanups get handled by private companies like EcoBear. You may have read about our work with municipalities cleaning up homeless encampments after the homeless have been sheltered or cleaning biohazard spills. Eco Bear also helps individuals and families by cleaning crime scenes. 

We hire carefully. Our employees do not simply have education and training, they have empathy. To us, that means just as much the professional equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and the high-grade sanitizers we use. We do not enter your home or business to clean it without first meeting with you, the family or survivors. We explain our process and ensure you know that we genuinely respect the trauma or loss you have gone through. 

After that meeting, we conduct an assessment of the crime scene. At this examination, we look at the contents affected by the crime, the type of damages incurred and the building materials used. This allows us to determine the severity of the restoration needed and the cleaning process required. In some cases, this can require extensive cleaning and restoration. For example, in an unattended death, bodily fluids seep into a mattress requiring it to be discarded and replaced. An event on an upper floor can cause blood and/or bodily fluids to not only stain a hardwood floor but to seep through the cracks between the hardwood, affecting the floor below. In these cases, the hardwood must be torn out and replaced. This process removes every shred of biohazardous material and hazardous bodily fluids. 

After our assessment, we sit down with you again to discuss what needs removing, replacing, cleaning, and repairing. We want you to understand what will change and what you will need to purchase to restore your home or business to its prior state. 

Eco Bear employees follow all the pertinent Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations as well as those of the state and local health departments. If we seem overly cautious, understand that we are simply following the treatment and disposal regulations of the local, state and national jurisdictions. These were developed to ensure everyone’s safety and good health. 

Many people think the danger ends when the crime ends, but the pathogens left in blood spatter and blood may carry HIV and Hepatitis C. The disinfectants we use provide hospital-grade sanitization that kills 99.9 percent of blood-borne pathogens. Eco Bear now also includes COVID-19 protections in every cleanup job. This additional precaution ensures any presence of the virus causing COVID-19 gets eradicated. 

Eco Bear knows the toughness of a situation involving a serious crime or an unattended death. You do not have to face it alone. We can help you just as we have helped others in the Alhambra area. We can restore your space to its prior look and cleanliness, restoring its safety for you and your family or customers. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment for cleaning services. Let Eco Bear assist you with restoring your property and some peace of mind.