Everyone wants to live in a clean, thriving community. We go to great lengths to protect the environment, and residents of Altadena, California take pride in creating sustainable, green spaces for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, homelessness continues to be a concern facing many California residents, business owners, governmental organizations and communities. Although compassion for those in need is a top priority on the hearts and minds of Altadena leaders, the fact is that homeless encampments often times create a hazardous environment that can endanger the health and safety of the community.

The Potential Biohazards of Homeless Encampments

Because homeless encampments often lack access to washing facilities and proper medical care services, disease can take hold in these communities quickly. This means that residents in the surrounding area can be affected as bacteria and viruses spread, potentially causing a major health crisis.

Additionally, homeless individuals may leave biohazard materials behind, including used hypodermic needles, soiled sanitary products, bodily waste and more. When not disposed of properly, these items can go on to spread disease and even lead to severe outbreaks of illnesses that are difficult to tackle. Also, because people living in homeless encampments usually spend a lot of time gathered together with others in similar situations, everyone in the encampment is at risk of developing and spreading illness and disease.

Even if you aren’t in an area of Altadena that is directly impacted by a homeless encampment, insects, vermin and even the wind and water runoff can transmit diseases and carry biohazard materials to the surrounding area. Additionally, business owners often struggle to stay afloat in areas where biohazard materials are found because customers are reluctant to support small businesses when doing so becomes a matter of health and safety.

Hidden Economic Dangers of Homeless Encampments

In addition to the health concerns that often come along with homeless encampments, affected communities can also see a decline in property values and a rise in crime. According to the Broken Window Theory of community policing put forth by James Wilson and George Kelling in The Atlantic Monthly, communities that suffer from disrepair often invite crime into the area. Failing to handle small problems now can go on to create much larger communal socio-economic problems in the future.

This means that failing to secure professional homeless encampment cleanup in Altadena, CA could possibly drag down property values not just for the affected property, but also for the entire community. Furthermore, allowing urban blight to flourish in the wake of a homeless encampment sends a message to the criminal element that the area is unsecured and not adequately policed. This then goes on to breed an environment where crime becomes the norm and business investment dries up quickly.

Eco Bear Can Help With Homeless Encampment Cleanup in Altadena, CA

At Eco Bear, our team is trained to safely and effectively handle biohazard cleanup of homeless encampments in Altadena and beyond. We use the latest in sanitizing technology to not only remove hazardous materials, but also to leave affected locations clean and healthy. No matter how large or small the encampment was, our technicians can quickly and professionally restore the area to make it usable for refurbishing and developing.

Protecting Our Customers, Our Staff and the Environment

We also utilize the latest in personal protective equipment (PPE) for added safety. We recommend that you never attempt to tackle homeless encampment cleanup in Altadena, CA yourself as most people lack access to the proper training and safety equipment. All it takes is one transmission of a disease or strain of bacteria to cause a community-wide health panic, and attempting to clean a homeless encampment yourself could be placing you, your friends, your loved ones and your neighbors at risk.

We handle all removal of biohazard waste and dispose of materials in accordance with federal, state and local laws and guidelines. This means that you don’t have to worry about the technical details or place yourself in harm’s way. You’ll also be happy to know that we strive to utilize eco-friendly, medical-grade cleaning products to protect the environment and the community.

Eco Bear is also proud to provide straightforward and transparent pricing. We want you to know what it’s going to cost to restore a former homeless encampment, and we’ll provide you with an upfront estimate and invoicing when the job is done.

You can also count on our technicians for excellent customer service and a friendly experience. We understand that you may be facing what seems like an uphill battle in restoring an area after dealing with a homeless encampment. Our job is to make things easy on you, so we’ll go over all of the details and explain the process to give you peace of mind. If you ever have any questions or concerns, our leadership is here to listen and provide solutions. 

Contact Eco Bear for Homeless Encampment Cleaning Solutions in Altadena, CA

No matter where you are in the process of facing a homeless encampment concern, Eco Bear is the team to depend on when you need a homeless encampment cleaning company in Altadena, California. We specialize is not only cleaning, but also sanitizing and refreshing areas that have suffered due to homeless encampments and the potential health and safety concerns that often come with them.

Our experienced biohazard remediation professionals are ready to respond with the latest in safe and effective cleaning products and technologies to quickly remove hazardous materials and leave spaces clean and sanitary. Whether you’ve recently had a homeless encampment vacated or you’re in need of cleaning for an area that has a questionable past, the team at Eco Bear is available on your schedule to provide thorough cleaning solutions.

To learn more information and schedule a free estimate, call [PHONE] today. You can also use our convenient online contact form right now to be placed in touch with a caring, friendly homeless encampment cleaning professional serving Altadena, CA.