Homeless encampments have sprung up all over the country, with some areas getting more of their share of the setups than others. Homeless encampments don’t only appear in isolated parts of a town; no area is immune. Homeless encampments exist wherever there’s space. This means that they can be located in spots ranging from alleyways in between buildings in downtown business districts to abandoned buildings to construction sites and active retail areas. You can find a homeless encampment located on a residential street, or you can find a homeless encampment located in an open field. 

Some areas may see relatively small homeless encampments, while others have encampments that can stretch on for a mile or longer. Once the owner of a property where an encampment is located wants to have it removed and cleaned up, they have to go through the proper channels to ensure that proper sanitization and cleaning methods have been employed. The owner should work with companies that have specific experience cleaning out homeless encampment sites.

What Exactly Is a Homeless Encampment?

A homeless encampment or camp is an area where at least one or more homeless people live on property that does not belong to them. The people who live in homeless encampments usually live in self-constructed shelters, including structures like tents or boxes. Due to the transient lifestyles of many of the residents, homeless encampments quickly become unsanitary. 

Within no time, the areas they’re located in become overwhelmed with garbage, discarded food, and all types of waste. This waste can quickly become a serious health hazard if not dealt with immediately. Cleaning up a homeless encampment isn’t just a matter of bringing in soap and water and washing everything down. It involves an extremely detailed and complex sanitation protocol that will help ensure that the area remains safe for any living or working in the area.

At Eco Bear, we understand the unique challenges that come with homeless encampment cleanup. We work within the auspices of city, county and federal laws to ensure that cleanup is handled properly. We know that there are a lot of challenges involved in handling and Canton cleanup, and we have experience and to know how to address them head-on.

Biohazard Cleanup

Liability issues often make it difficult for government agencies to handle homeless encampment cleanup. If a government worker comes into contact with biohazardous material, it could end up creating a liability for those government agencies. This is where Eco Bear comes in. 

Our staff is highly trained in biohazardous material removal, and we make sure that everything is done safely and within the strictest guidelines. Our biohazard cleanup and removal services include the following.

  • We safely and completely remove all remnants of blood and human waste.
  • We properly dispose of every bit of drug paraphernalia and ensure that nothing is left behind
  • We safely and efficiently dispose of needles, scouring out every nook and cranny to make sure that every single one is removed.
  • We exterminate the area to get rid of and prevent the reappearance of any rodents, bugs and vermin that are attracted to the waste.
  • We sanitize and disinfect the area thoroughly, eliminating the germs and bacteria that could cause disease.

Trash Removal

Trash removal is one of the most important parts of cleaning up a homeless encampment. Trash tends to pile up since the people who live in the encampments tend to hold on to their trash versus discarding it. This is often because there may not be a readily accessible place for them to throw it away. Our teams make sure that we get rid of every bit of trash, ensuring that clean up is efficient and thorough. 

Who Should Call for Cleanup?

It’s always pretty obvious when a homeless encampment needs to be cleaned, but there may be a question as to when and how often that cleaning should take place.

  • Reach out for help with homeless encampment cleaning if you are taking over a space as a new business owner or homeowner. Some people believe that they’ll be able to do the work themselves, but it’s always better to have professionals handle it so that the spaces can be cleaned and sanitized properly. We can clean and sterilize your new space so that you can move in with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is up to code.
  • City or local governments may reach out for homeless cleaning encampment in areas where enchantments sprout up on a regular basis. Many homeless encampments are cleaned only to have the homeless return almost immediately afterwards. In this case, the municipalities that this is happening in may request regular cleaning in order to ensure that the trash pileup doesn’t get out of hand.
  • Give us a call if you’re looking to have a homeless encampment cleaned that’s been abandoned. We have the technical expertise and technical know-how to go in and completely remove every sign of the former encampment. It will look like it was never there.
  • Homeless encampments located on public property can only be removed at the request of local, city or federal government officials, so contact them if you need to have an encampment removed in these types of areas.

You may have many questions regarding homeless encampment clean up. Give us a call so that we can figure out exactly what you need and help you determine next steps. The sooner you start the cleanup process, the sooner you can make the affected area sanitary and clean.