If a traumatic event has occurred at your home or business as a result of some type of criminal activity, one of the unpleasant things you’ll have to deal with is cleaning up. Aside from being an emotionally draining process, cleaning a crime scene can present several health and safety risks. For this reason, it’s best to turn to a trusted crime scene cleaning company in Baldwin Park, California like Eco Bear for tasks of this nature. Our trained and certified experts take pride in cleaning crime scenes in a way that fully restores the affected areas.

Why Hire a Crime Scene Cleaning Company?

As mentioned above, a crime scene in Baldwin Park, CA, or any other area we serve can have an assortment of biological materials present. Blood, for instance, is a common biohazard found at crime scenes. It’s also one that can be dangerous because of the potential for disease-causing pathogens. These are things like viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms that can be dangerous to humans upon contact. Human tissue, bodily fluids, and decomposition-related substances are among the many other potential biologicals that could be present.

Hiring a trusted crime scene cleaning company in Baldwin Park, CA, like Eco Bear can also result in: 

  • Reduced mental stress for yourself, family members, friends, or employees
  • Cleanup done in accordance with local and state regulations pertaining to biohazards
  • Restored property value and peace of mind

Basic Cleaning

Cleaning up a crime scene in Baldwin Park, CA, starts with removing the obvious physical items. We focus on the clearly contaminated items. Because of the potential for biohazard risks, our cleaning crew will wear properly safety and protective gear. Removable items that are contaminated will also be placed in bags or containers specially designed to hold biohazardous materials. Once everything hazardous is collected, these items will be disposed of in accordance with state guidelines.

Decontamination and Sanitization

Even when contaminated physical items are removed, pathogens can still linger. This is why the next step our well-trained professionals take is to decontaminate or sanitize the affected area. We do this with powerful products designed with this purpose in mind. Taking this step reduces the risk of being exposed to dangerous pathogens once the affected area is fully accessible and once again used for its intended purposes.

Odor Removal and Restoration

The materials often associated with crime scenes sometimes leave foul or distracting odors behind. If this is the case with your affected location, our cleaning professionals will use appropriate products to remove stubborn or lingering odors. When our team is done, you’ll be left with a fully restored location.

Cleaning With Compassion

Oftentimes, the loved ones of a victim will be around to some extent when a crime scene is cleaned up. Because of this possibility, it’s necessary to maintain an appropriate level of compassion, which is something we do with any work we do for our customers. We do this by letting our clients know what we’ll be doing and being respectful with how items are removed and how cleaning is done.

Our Team Is Well-Prepared

We’re not just prepared for cleaning up a crime scene in Baldwin Park, CA, in terms the cleaning processes and products we use. Our team is also prepared for what’s typically found at crime scenes and how to tackle the demanding nature of this type of cleaning. This goal is accomplished by sizing up the situation and coming up with a personalized and orderly plan for getting the job done right.

Aren’t Crime Scenes Cleaned up by Local Officials?

Typically, the answer is “no.” It’s often surviving family members who are left with the task of cleaning up the scene once it has been cleared. This is also typically true for business owners when a crime occurs on commercial property. Fortunately, we’re fully prepared to promptly respond to requests to clear, clean, and restore crime scenes in Baldwin Park, CA, and nearby communities.

Baldwin Park Crime Scene Cleanup FAQs

Crime scenes, in general, come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, we approach each situation on an individual basis. However, there are some things that apply to our general approach to crime scene cleaning in the Baldwin Park area you wish to be aware of. Here some answers to questions our customers often ask us and crime scene cleanup.

Q.: When are you available?

A.: We respond to service requests 24/7. You can reach us at our office, or you may reach out to us online with the form on our contact page.

Q.: Who pays for crime scene cleanup in Baldwin Park?

A.: In some instances, homeowner’s insurance may cover all or part of crime scene cleanup costs. However, if you do have to cover some portion of the costs yourself, know that are rates are always reasonable and honest.

Q.: How are you different than other cleaning companies?

A.: Most residential cleaning companies don’t have the extra training required to properly and safely handle biohazardous materials and follow-up mitigation. Due to the dangerous nature of crime scenes, it’s best to call on a biohazard cleanup company like Eco Bear for this type of professional assistance.

Get Started With a Quote

When crime scene cleaning services are needed, reach out to Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company. We’ll get you started with a reasonable and accurate quote. Our local experts are properly trained educated with all aspects of biohazard cleanup involving crime scene situations. As with all the other services we provide, this type of cleaning is always done with respect and attention to detail.

Contact us today to learn more about our crime scene cleaning services in Baldwin Park, CA, and nearby areas.