According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, California has a homeless population of more than 151,000. While any place in the Golden State can be affected by this issue, it’s more common for homeless people or families to congregate within more populated areas. Some groups of homeless people form temporary living spaces referred to as encampments.

If you have a settlement of this nature on your Baldwin Park, CA, home or business property, it can reach a point where it becomes a serious safety and health hazard. Contact Eco Bear today and we’ll take care of the cleanup process responsibly, respectfully, promptly, and effectively – and in a way that won’t stretch your budget.

The Nature of Homeless Encampments in Baldwin Park, CA

There is no “standard” homeless encampment due to the randomness of these settlements in terms of how they form and grow. However, such locations are typically defined as places where smaller or larger groups of people gather together in makeshift shelters that can include tents and various materials strung together. The main concern with these locations in Baldwin Park, CA, is the many biological risks or hazards that tend to be present.

This often happens because encampments consisting of homeless individuals and families typically do not have access to regular trash pickup or traditional sanitation management methods. This is one of the reasons why such locations are often peppered with an assortment of biologicals, with the more dangerous ones including: 

  • Urine and feces – both human and animal
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Trash and debris from unknown sources
  • Blood, vomit, and other biological contaminants

Other Biohazards That Could Be Present

There’s no way to control what gets into a homeless settlement and what kind of materials are deposited in such areas. In some cases, the state of an encampment is a perfect environment for pest infestations. Rotten food, soiled clothing, and other debris that may be present can attract fleas, rats, and other pests. It’s also common for residents of makeshift settlements in Baldwin Park and surrounding areas to bring “pets” with them. Stray dogs and cats can also contribute to accumulated animal waste. There could be issues with decomposition as well if animals within an encampment die.

The Risks Associated With DIY Cleanup

If a makeshift homeless shelter shows up on your Baldwin Park residential property, you may assume it’s fine to just hose down the area once it’s empty and consider the job done. However, you could still be leaving things behind that you can’t see. These things are known as pathogens. Pathogens are defined as bacterium, virus, or other microorganisms that cause diseases or serious illnesses in humans. If these risks aren’t properly mitigated with safe and effective methods, hidden dangers could remain on your property. Your property’s value could also be affected. You may even have issues with your homeowner’s insurance provider or housing association if you leave abandoned encampments alone.

The Liabilities of Business-Related Cleanup Efforts

There are risks associated with a DIY approach to homeless encampment cleanup in Baldwin Park for business owners as well. If a makeshift settlement isn’t properly cleared and cleaned, you could find yourself faced dealing with personal injury lawsuits if a passerby is injured by something within the encampment. Having your own staff do the work can be just as risky. If your employees aren’t trained in biohazard containment and management, you could be responsible for any related injuries or health problems. There may also be insurance-related issues if an encampment on your commercial property isn’t properly cleaned up.

Eco Bear’s Baldwin Park, CA Homeless Encampment Cleaning Services

Being thorough and meticulous is what we do best at Eco Bear. At the same time, we realize each situation involving an encampment in Baldwin Park, CA, is unique. Following an initial evaluation and assessment of the makeshift shelter, we’ll develop a personalized cleanup and biohazard mitigation plan.

Also, know we treat each location of this nature as if it’s a biologically dangerous site. This means our trained local technicians will arrive with masks or respirators, gloves, and other personal protective gear or equipment. Our comprehensive cleaning process with encampments in Baldwin Park can be further broken down into the following steps: 

  • Removal of trash and other debris from the makeshift location
  • Identification and removal of biohazards within the encampment
  • Safe containment and disposal of biohazardous materials
  • Decontamination of surfaces within the location to mitigation pathogen exposure risks

Doing Anything Else Required to Restore Your Property

The final step we take with homeless encampment cleaning in Baldwin Park is to do anything else that may be necessary for full restoration. In some instances, this may involve using products that remove odors. Other times, there may be a need to ensure that no biological hazards are left close to water sources by the affected property.

Reliable, 5-Star Service in Baldwin Park, CA

Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is a top-rated biohazard company. In fact, we’re a woman-owned company with 5-star ratings on both Google and Yelp. We’ve earned these reviews based on a solid commitment to paying attention to every detail of each job we undertake. You’ll also find our prices fair and honest and our team friendly and knowledgeable.

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Avoid the risks associated with cleaning up homeless settlements in Baldwin Park, CA, and nearby areas by turning to Eco Bear for assistance. Our trained, local technicians are available 24/7 for your added convenience. We’ll arrive promptly with everything required to safely and effectively clean and restore the affected home, business, or publicly accessible location.

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