Hoarding is a problem that doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, the seeds for a hoarding problem may be planted years before the problem begins to present itself. Once a problem is recognized, though, it’s often a tough road to recovery. 

In many cases, the individual with the problem hoards items that have no rhyme or reason, including items that most people would consider to be trash. If this trash is allowed to accumulate for a long time, it can lead to a terrible problem that requires a radical cleaning solution.

If you are seeking out a hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California, it’s likely that you are doing so on behalf of another individual. In most cases, an individual with a hoarding problem either doesn’t realize there’s a problem or doesn’t think anything can be done about it. This causes them to remain firm in their problem until someone comes along to intervene.

Like Other Addictions

Similar to other problems that people face, hoarding should be viewed as an addiction. Rather than being addicted to a substance, though, hoarders are addicted to the thrill of filling their residence with what they buy and accumulate. In the minds of many hoarders, their hoarding is justified by the fact that they “might need” a certain item at some unspecified time. 

For some, this could mean that they plan to use it in some type of emergency scenario. For others, the idea that they’ll be able to make a profit by selling items that they have accumulated keeps them on the hunt for new items to hoard. Regardless of what their intentions are, though, most hoarders never actually take action on these ideas, allowing the items they bring home to build-up until their situation is totally overwhelming.

Before you recruit the services of a hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California, it’s important to have open-ended discussions with the individual who is struggling. Simply cleaning up their home won’t prevent them from purchasing more items, which will only repeat the cycle. Instead, you need to discover the root issue that is making them insecure and causing them to act-out through hoarding. Once you sufficiently tackle this issue, it is time to begin the cleaning process.

Layers of Issues

Hoarding is a multi-faceted issue that can take on many different forms. Therefore, the issues related to a particular situation will differ somewhat. What most hoarding situations have in common, though, is that there are several layers of issues that require a hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California.

The first layer is the visible layer. This is the piles upon piles of stuff that have accumulated, often in every room of a residence. This can include boxes, magazines, stuffed animals, blankets, newspapers, and a whole host of other items. In many cases, these items, though overwhelming, are somewhat useful. Since the top of a pile represents the newest finds for a hoarder, the visible layer needs to be carefully combed through to find items that may hold value.

The second layer is where the situation takes a dramatic turn. In this layer, you find all of the items that were forgotten and buried because of the size and scope of the first layer. Trash, rotten food, bugs feeding on the rotten food, and other gruesome discoveries await you in this layer. In some hoarding cases, the individual may hoard animals. This means that you may discover dead animals in this forgotten second layer. 

Once the first and second layers have been cleared away, you’re left with the third layer. This is what’s left behind after all of the “stuff” has been cleared away. Typically, there will be significant damage to the finishes in the residence of the hoarder. 

There may even be damage to support beams or other structural materials if the weight of the material was too great or if insects set-up shop in the home. Cleaning this layer is the most difficult, as it often requires replacing wood, drywall, or other building materials to ensure the home is safe. The assistance of a hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California will definitely come in handy here.

Special Precautions Required

While most people can deal easily with the first layer of hoarded items, the second and third layers can be more tricky. In these layers, you may encounter items that have decomposed to the point that they have become biohazards. To clean these items would be both unpleasant and potentially hazardous, providing a great opportunity for a hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California to save the day.

Personal protective equipment such as chemical-resistant gloves, face shields, thick rubber boots, and even biohazard suits may be necessary to keep hoarder-house cleaners safe. Since these items would be expensive and time-consuming for you to obtain on your own, it makes sense to use an outside company to take care of this task. Plus, a company with professional experience can complete the job much more quickly, meaning that you won’t have to slave away for days or even weeks trying to take care of someone else’s mess.

You Deserve The Best

Dealing with a hoarding situation can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. In many cases, the individuals that you’re assisting are close friends or beloved relatives who simply need some major assistance. As much as you care for these people, that doesn’t make encountering their situation any less difficult.

Therefore, rather than trying to be the superhero and take on the entire task yourself, it makes sense for you to focus on the individual to help them with their addiction. Meanwhile, you can let a professional and compassionate hoarder property cleaning company in Banning, California take care of the mess.