Compulsive hoarding, also called hoarding disorder, is a serious mental health condition that affects about 1% to 2% of the population. As a type of anxiety disorder, hoarding often gets worse as a person gets older or experiences stressful events in their life. Hoarding is different from collecting or being a “pack rat.” The hoard interferes with a person’s ability to use their kitchen for cooking, use the bathroom for bathing or safely move around their home. Hoarding has serious safety and social effects, too. Trying to clean a hoarded property on your own is overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming. At Eco Bear, we offer hoarder property cleaning services in Beaumont, California.

Why Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning Is a Smart Choice

A hoarded property may be filled with unexpected and unpleasant surprises. The hoard of items may not be the only issue affecting the home and yard. Whether you need your own property cleaned or you’re helping a friend or relative who has compulsive hoarding disorder, doing this job alone isn’t a good idea. Our professional hoarder property cleaning services lift the burden from your shoulders. We arrange all of the logistics of the cleaning, from getting the dumpsters and permits to bringing in equipment to remove heavy or hazardous items from the home. If there are hazardous household materials or human waste in the hoard, we’re ready to handle it. Our team handles many types of hoards, including those with:

  • Domesticated animals
  • Multiple vehicles on the property
  • Pests
  • Food
  • Many salvageable items
  • Biohazard

We understand that you may feel embarrassed or ashamed of the property. We’re discreet and maintain your confidence at all times. Our cleaners undergo a full background check, and we’re licensed and certified to work on all types of hoarded properties in Beaumont. We’ll work with Beaumont code inspectors to make sure that we get the property into compliance with the local health and environmental codes. Our experience working with pest control, humane society, and health inspectors makes us the right choice to clean any size or type of hoarded property in Beaumont.

Who Should Consider Our Beaumont Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

If you or your loved one has a compulsive hoarding disorder, you’ll benefit from our Beaumont hoarder property cleaning services. Many people have a difficult time admitting that they are hoarders. That’s because there’s a lot of stigma around hoarding. Our goal is to break the stigma of hoarding and provide you with the help you need in order to have a clean property and home in Beaumont. There’s no shame in asking for professional help to deal with a hoarded property. We work with individuals, couples and families who own a hoarded property. At Eco Bear, we also help landlords who are cleaning a property vacated by a tenant with hoarding disorder. If your loved one has moved to an assisted living facility or passed away, we clean hoarded properties in Beaumont as a part of preparing for estate settlement. Any person or family member with a hoarded property in Beaumont will benefit from our professional cleaning services.

How We Clean Hoarder Properties in Beaumont

When you contact us about a hoarded property in Belmont, we schedule a time to evaluate the home and property. We’ll provide you with a written estimate of the time and costs for the cleanup. If you’re dealing with building or environmental code violations associated with the hoarded property, we’ll work with you to make sure that the cleaning is underway in order to avoid delays, fines or additional fees caused by the hoard. On the first day of the cleanup, we have dumpsters delivered to the property. We coordinate with any other professionals who may need to provide assistance for the situation, such as the humane society if there are many pets in the hoard or pest control if there are rats, mice, roaches or other pests in the home or on the property. We schedule the right number of cleaners and bring our own supplies and equipment to keep them safe.

What to Expect From Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

You can expect our Eco Bear team of cleaners to treat you with kindness and respect. We understand that dealing with a hoarded property is stressful, embarrassing and intense. You can be on the property while we clean, or you can stay in contact with us by phone and text throughout the cleaning process. If you have a list of items you want saved or salvaged, we do our best in order to meet those needs. Our cleaners will set aside anything you’ve requested, such as family photographs, jewelry or important documents that we uncover during the cleaning process. If we discover an unknown hazard, such as severe structural damage, we communicate this to you as soon as possible. 

Benefits of Our Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning

Choosing our Eco Bear hoarder property cleaning services in Beaumont saves you time, reduces your stress and gives you peace of mind. Some additional benefits of having us clean hoarded property in Beaumont include:

  • Compliance with city code
  • Coordination with other professionals
  • Trained cleaning professionals
  • Fast completion time

Safety is our top priority at Eco Bear. Our experienced team lets you know about any safety issues. If you’re moving furniture back into the property, we’ll also arrange for thorough cleaning and sanitation. To learn more about hoarder property cleaning in Beaumont, contact us at Eco Bear today.