Big Bear City, California, is a modest city located in San Bernardino, CA. According to the most recent census, it has an estimated population of 13,859 people with room to grow. Big Bear City is known for its close proximity to the Big Bear Lake and San Bernardino National Forest. The city got its name from the large population of grizzly bears that once found solace in the fertile Big Bear Valley.

The Importance of Biohazard Cleanup in Big Bear City

At Eco Bear, we specialize in providing clients with discreet, respectful, and reliable biohazard remediation in and around Big Bear City. Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of violent crime, an unattended death, or an accident, we can ease the burden of the traumatic event and eliminate any health hazards.

Biohazards consist of biological materials that pose a potential threat to humans. They include blood, blood byproducts, bodily fluid, human tissue, and even body parts. These substances have the potential to harbor harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasites.

Feces Cleanup in Big Bear City

Many people do not realize that human feces in an extremely dangerous biohazard. In fact, feces contain harmful pathogens, bacteria, and parasites. It can also be incredibly difficult to remove feces from some surfaces. What’s worse, it leaves behind stubborn stains and odors. According to the CDC, some of the harmful pathogens in feces include E. coli, giardia, pinworms, and salmonella. Many of thee diseases can thrive for days or even weeks outside the body, spreading into the air and environment around the contamination site.

Feces may be present in a number of traumatic situations, including unattended deaths, homicides, suicides, and crime scenes. We recommend hiring a trained professional to safely and effectively remove feces and other bodily fluids.

Professional and Compassionate Suicide Cleanup in Big Bear City

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one million people die from suicide each year. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, it took the lives of around 47,173 Americans in 2017 alone. Still, there is little discussion about what this means for those left behind after the suicide of a family member or friend.

For many, a brief period of shock and grief is interrupted by an immediate need for biohazard remediation. Self-inflicted gunshots, stabbings, and other violent means of suicide typically result in gruesome scenes that serve as a painful reminder of a suicide’s victim final moments. Not only are these scenes psychologically traumatizing to those grieving over a loss, but they pose unseen health and wellness dangers.

Biohazard remediation teams use discreet professional methods to safely and effectively eradicate the biohazardous aftermath of suicides. They remove blood, bile, body fluids, and contaminated property according to California state laws and regulations.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Sudden, unexpected, and unattended deaths are common occurrences. They may be a result of a health-related issue, homicide, accident, or suicide. In San Bernadino County, it is up to the Coroner to determine the cause of death by performing an official autopsy.

While an unexpected death is difficult to handle, the burden of cleaning decomposition is what often sets people over the edge. At Eco Bear, we offer compassionate decomposition cleanup. We remove damaged materials, disinfect, and restore the scene so that you and your family can grieve in peace and comfort.

When bodies are left to decompose, they emit harmful bacteria, foul odors, and other biological materials. These materials can seep into porous materials, including floors, walls, and structural elements. At Eco Bear, we ensure that all biological materials are eradicated, as anything left behind can arise as a greater issue down the line.

We recognize the challenge that families are going through when a loved passes away and do our best to be respectful and compassionate. Our work is not done unless we prevent the spread of contamination and ensure that no pathogens are left behind.

Sharps Cleanup in Big Bear City

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “sharps” is a medical term used to define objects with sharp points that are used to cut or puncture the skin. These include syringes, needles, lancets, and more. Federal and state laws dictate that these items must be placed in FDA-approved container and disposed of by dropping off or shipping to a pre-approved sharps disposal center.

Sharps are often used by paramedics and first responders. As such, they are often left behind at the scene of accidents and crimes. You should never attempt to handle or dispose of a contaminated sharp, as they can easily pierce your skin and transmit harmful or even deadly bloodborne pathogens, such as Hepatitis and HIV. At Eco Bear, our employees undergo detailed training and refresher courses to ensure their and your safety is always protected.

Biohazardous Vehicle Cleanup in Big Bear City

Emergency and residential vehicles are often contaminated with potentially harmful biohazards. This may include the waste that requires specialized transportation and disposal. Unfortunately, biohazardous materials like blood, feces, and body tissue can creep deep within the crevices and porous surfaces inside a vehicle. As a result, biohazard remediators may need to remove and dispose of interior elements, such as seats, armrests, and carpet. Still, it is never a good idea to ignore or attempt to clean a biohazard yourself.

Professional biohazard remediators are trained to clean and sanitize contaminated areas. They utilize special safety gear and adhere to proper disposal regulations. At Eco Bear, we pride ourselves in providing quick and reliable service to those in need of biohazard remediation in the Big Bear City area.

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