A person with hoarding disorder compulsively acquires items that may be of no use or value. At the same time, the person has great difficulty with getting rid of items that are broken, rotted or even dangerous to their health. Just the idea of getting rid of one possession causes a person with hoarding disorder to feel great distress. Most people with hoarding disorder won’t admit that they have a problem. They see potential in each item they have. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 5% of adults have hoarding disorder. If you or your loved one are living with it, you’re not alone. Eco Bear is a team of experienced hoarder property cleaners ready to clear your hoarded property in Brea, CA.

What Hoarding Disorder Is

The compulsive need to acquire more items begins to overtake a person’s thoughts and life. It can also affect a person’s safety, finances, health and well-being. Many people will have a short period of time in their life when they find it difficult to get rid of an item. For example, parents whose last child has left the home might want to hold onto a few boxes or bins of toys, drawings and baby outfits. A person who had a death in the family might not want to immediately get rid of the deceased person’s clothing or personal items. For most individuals, they’ll be able to move past their grief or stress after a few months. A person with hoarding disorder will be stuck. Some commonly hoarded items that our Eco Bear cleaners find in hoarded properties in Brea include:

  • Mail, papers and books
  • Boxes and bags
  • Expired or spoiled food
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Toys, project materials and crafts
  • Inherited, obsolete or antique items
  • Trash, non-running vehicles and damaged or ruined things

Who Lives With Hoarding Disorder

Anybody can develop hoarding disorder. For may people, there are some early signs that they have a tendency to accumulate too many items. For others, a traumatic life event triggers the behavior. People with hoarding disorders are found across all countries, income levels, educational backgrounds and life experiences. Men and women are equally affected by hoarding disorder. While each person’s hoarded property is different, there are some common characteristics of people who develop hoarding disorder. These are:

  • History of trauma or unresolved conflict
  • Personal history of mental illness, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression or anxiety
  • Living alone
  • Over the age of 50
  • Procrastination or perfectionism
  • Difficulty with making decisions
  • Fear or anxiety of letting go or not having what they need when they need it

Consequences of a Hoarded Property

The consequences of hoarding behavior get worse as a person gets older. Although a hoard doesn’t appear overnight, it’s possible for a person to accumulate a lot of items in just a few months or years. In the early years of hoarding disorder, a person may have what others would describe as a “messy” house. Their closets or drawers might not close, or their refrigerator may be in need of a deep cleaning. After a decade of hoarding, the situation is serious. Entire rooms may be full. Piles of items on the stairs or in hallways make it difficult to safely move through the home. When hoarding continues, consequences may be severe and can include:

  • Pest infestations that spread to neighboring properties
  • Hidden water, mold or structural damage
  • Inability to access toilet, bathtub or kitchen appliances
  • Rooms can’t be used the way they’re intended
  • Entrances to home aren’t accessible for firefighters or emergency medical technicians
  • Buildup of trash or waste causes odors detectable from outdoors
  • Complaints from neighbors
  • Social withdrawal and isolation from friends or family
  • Investigation of living conditions by Adult or Child Protective Services
  • Non-compliance fines or possible jail time related to building or health code violations
  • Condemnation of the property
  • Eviction or removal from the home

Why Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning Is Necessary

Although it’s possible for one person to create a hoard on a property, it’s not feasible for them to clear it by themselves. Difficulty with making decisions, unsafe conditions and the sheer volume of items mean that professional hoarder property cleaning in Brea is necessary. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaners put safety as the top priority. We’re experienced working in personal protective equipment and handling all types of hoarding situations. We quickly clear the hoard so that your property won’t incur any more complaints or violations.

Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

When you contact our hoarder property cleaning company in Brea, we schedule an inspection of your property. This allows us to determine the necessary number of dumpsters and whether or not we’ll need recycling, tow truck or other services for the removal of items from the property. Inspection of the hoard allows us to identify what’s in the property so that we can bring the right supplies and equipment for disposal, cleaning and complete remediation. We’re able to clear most hoarded properties in Brea within one week of starting the process, and most only take a few days.

Reasons To Choose Eco Bear for Hoarder Property Cleaning in Brea

Our compassionate cleaners don’t judge you or your situation. We treat each client, their family and property with respect. Our team works efficiently to clear the hoard. If you have special requests, just let us know. Consistent communication, affordable pricing and thorough work are just a few reasons to choose us. We’re a women- and veteran-led company, and we’re licensed and bonded for full hoarder property remediation services in Brea.