Any situation where people randomly gather has the potential to result in a mess. This may seem harmless, but it can be a reason for concern when biohazards are present. Situations like this can develop if a homeless encampment is established on your property in Brea, CA, or a nearby area. A safe and affordable way to handle cleanup tasks of this nature is to end your search for a homeless encampment cleaning company in Brea, California with Eco Bear.

Why Brea, CA Homeless Encampments Need to Be Cleaned Up

Sometimes called a “tent city,” a homeless encampment is a location where multiple groups of people gather. The location that’s used for this purpose is where homeless individuals typically live and sleep. In some sites, small, controlled fires may be set to stay warm. It’s also common for homeless individuals or families to bring animals into encampments. There could be drug and alcohol use as well.

The size of a makeshift shelter of this nature in Brea, CA, can vary greatly, depending on where it’s located. Some encampments are relegated to fairly limited areas like parking lots. However, some temporary shelters can stretch out for several blocks or extend to multiple locations.

Why the Cleaning Needs To Be Done by Trained Biohazard Technicians

Prompt, meticulous cleanup is necessary because encampments created by homeless individuals present an assortment of risks. But it’s typically not a do-it-yourself job for health and safety reasons. There’s also the potential for legal liability. It’s ultimately best to hire a reputable biohazard cleaning company like Eco Bear to handle situations like this in Brea, CA. We say this because makeshift shelters often contain an assortment of biohazards. If not addressed, the affected site can become a potential and serious health hazard for anyone. Common biohazards likely to be found at abandoned or cleared out homeless encampments include: 

  • Needles and drug-related accessories
  • Alcohol bottles and containers
  • Garbage and other debris
  • Human and/or animal waste
  • Spoiled food
  • Urine, blood, and other bodily fluids

How We Clean Brea, CA Homeless Encampments

Once you contact Eco Bear, we’ll asses the encampment that needs to be cleaned. Our trained and experienced cleaning crew will then arrive at the site with everything necessary to safely clean things up. Our cleaning staff will wear appropriate biohazard gear to further mitigate risks. We approach all sites of this nature as if they are contaminated with biological hazards.

Any confirmed biohazards are removed and placed in specially designed bags or containers. If there are large items like mattresses that need to be removed from an encampment, bins may be brought in. After all biohazardous materials and items are collected they will be removed from the site and disposed of properly.

What We Do After Biohazards Are Removed

Removing biological-based items and materials from the affected location is just half of our cleanup process. It’s just as important to mitigate risks posed by “invisible” things left behind. These invisible things are called pathogens. These are viruses, microorganisms, and other biological compounds that can cause serious illnesses or even diseases, some of which can have serious, long-term effects. Our cleaning professionals use specially designed, extra-strength cleaning products to clean surface areas. In an encampment, such areas often include concrete walkways, paved parking lot surfaces, and nearby sidewalks that may have been cluttered with debris.

Leaving No Details Overlooked

We’re entirely focused on details when it comes to how we approach homeless encampment cleanings in Brea, CA. The final step we take once all biohazards have been removed from the site is to double-check everything to ensure nothing is overlooked. Any other steps that may be necessary to restore the location will be taken as well. For instance, there may be a need to power-wash sidewalks or make sure there’s nothing potentially hazardous too close to a sewage drain or waterway.

Residential and Commercial Encampment Cleanups

Makeshift settlements, as we mentioned above, can develop anywhere. In some instances, the property involved is owned by a business. Other times, it may be municipal or city property. It’s also possible for encampments to develop on private or residential spaces. Because of the unpredictability of where temporary shelters can be set up, we provide cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients, along with anyone else in need of our expertise with homeless encampment cleaning.

Initial Cleanups and Follow-up Cleanings

We provide a broad range of biohazard cleanup services for our valued customers in Brea and nearby areas. If you’re dealing with a first-time situation where a makeshift settlement only recently developed, we’ll arrive once the location has been cleared. There’s not much that can be done to prevent additional encampments from being set again once our pros have restored a location. For this reason, we also do follow-up cleanings as necessary.

Why Choose Eco Bear?

Eco Bear is a trusted local company with a solid reputation for putting customer needs and safety first. With homeless encampment cleaning services, you can count on our seasoned team to arrive promptly and deliver the expected results. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed up by solid reviews on online review sites. We look forward to restoring your peace of mind.

Get Safe, Affordable Results From Eco Bear

Choosing Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company for homeless encampment cleanup means you’ll benefit from reasonable rates and top-quality results. Regardless of the state of the affected area, our cleaning pros will leave it looking like it’s intended to look. We’ll get you started with an accurate, honest estimate. We’re conveniently available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact the Eco Bear team today to make arrangements for homeless encampment cleaning in Brea, CA.