COVID-19 is an invisible enemy that has infiltrated our country and wreaked havoc. We have all felt perhaps unparalleled levels of fear and anxiety as our beloved Burbank has shut down and the confirmed cases continue to rise. Despite California getting hit hard, there is hope that we are on track to defeat COVID-19 once and for all with our stringent and essential preventative measures. 

Eco Bear is proud to be a cornerstone of those life-saving preventative measures. We are a family-owned leading biohazard company that is local to the Burbank, California area. We have stayed informed and ready to take action against this virus since its start in January 2020. In response to it, we have launched resources to help people ward off COVID-19 in their homes and lives. Indeed, no one is more qualified to do so. We have years of experience in leading our California community through traumatic and tragic disasters, including unattended death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, sewage cleanup, hoarder property cleanup, suicide cleanup, and infectious disease cleanup. 

For the sake of our medical professionals on the frontlines, we must take every precaution and preventative measure to combat COVID-19. Eco Bear is proud to aid them in their life-saving efforts by helping Burbank and the greater Southern California area disinfect, sanitize, and clean their homes and businesses to eliminate Coronavirus contaminants.

COVID-19: What to Know and How to Protect You and Your Family

There is a wealth of false and fabricated information about COVID-19 circulating through the media. Ultimately, there are more unknown elements to this virus than there are known ones. It is in our individual and collective best interest to focus only on what we know to be true about Coronavirus. 

COVID-19 is highly contagious, and nearly 30,000 California residents have tested positive for it. There is an even distribution of confirmed cases among those ages 18-49, and those over the age of 50, though many confirmed and unconfirmed cases cause no symptoms. While some are almost entirely asymptomatic, this virus has severe and even fatal impacts on the elderly, those with chronic illnesses like heart and lung disease, and those who have compromised immune systems. 

Because there is no vaccine, medication, or treatment plan for people once they are infected, the only power we have is in taking preventative measures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge people to observe the stay at home order, practice strict social distancing, and continually and thoroughly disinfect our homes and essential businesses. 

Additionally, all of our sources stress the importance of maintaining mental and emotional health and taking clear steps to relax and remain calm in the face of COVID-19. This will have tangible effects on our physical health. 

The most effective way to fulfill the recommended preventative measures and maintain your mental, physical, and emotional well being is through our professional disinfection and sanitation services. Between the preventative value of this service and the promise of better emotional and mental health, infectious disease remediation has never been a better investment for you and your family. 

COVID-19 Burbank Cleaning Company: Disinfection, Prevention, and Kindness

We have launched specialized services, information, and contact methods for our clients to get the help they need. We have a 24/7 COVID-19 emergency helpline that you can call at (818) 358-4359. We understand that each moment makes a difference when it comes to avoiding infection and feeling safe in your home again, so we will answer your call 24/7, day or night, prepared with the highest quality disinfection and sanitation materials, personal protective gear, and specialized knowledge and expertise. We can be on-site immediately to help you regain control of your home. 

We also have more information regarding our COVID-19 Burbank California cleaning services readily available. This resource has everything you need, including contact emails, to book an appointment with our experienced Eco Bear team.

In the face of this pandemic, Eco Bear is more committed now than ever to providing professional, compassionate, and efficient disinfection services to our neighbors. Together, with our clients and community, we are creating a beacon of light and hope by eliminating COVID-19 contaminants in our homes, essential businesses, and public spaces.

We are deeply integrated and dedicated to our local Burbank and greater California area and promise to stand beside you as we all do our part to fight Coronavirus. You are our neighbors and friends, and together we create the fabric of our shared community. 

Call us or email us now to get the help you need. We can stop COVID-19 together.