Burbank, California is one of the cities that Eco Bear proudly serves. We offer many different services in the area, but crime scene cleanup in Burbank ranks as one of our top services. Someone living in Burbank has a 1 in 449 chance that they will become the victim of a crime like a murder or aggravated assault. Violent crime has been one of the most prevalent forms of crime in the city for some time now, and we encounter a tragically high number of calls for our crime scene cleanup in Burbank.

Crime Scene Cleanup Company in Burbank California

Eco bear serves Burbank with discreet, thorough crime scene cleanup with a strong focus on containing and removing biohazardous material. Biohazards include needles, blood, sperm, human feces, and other common materials found at the scene of crimes. Crime scenes are much more than just a dead body. Sometimes the body has had to be in the area for days or even weeks; maybe no one found the body and it decomposed over a period of weeks or months.

These scenes are unpleasant, but they’re a part of life. Responsible citizens in Burbank need a good crime scene cleanup company in Burbank California, and we strive every day to be that one company you think of when you need a service like this. We offer a multitude of different cleanup strategies and philosophies that work to help local authorities and citizens remove dangerous pathogens and infectious disease often found on crime scene material.

Performing a Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is an intricate procedure and requires solid PPE (personal protective equipment) and good personnel to process and clean the crime scene. Eco Bear deploys as many workers as we need to ensure that the area is clear of debris and biohazards at the scene. Then we work to deodorize and restore the area to its pre-crime state.

Aggravated assaults, murders, and rapes always have some level of biohazard danger. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are four levels of biohazards that a scene can be classified under. The lowest level – Level One – has pathogens that might only cause mild sickness. Level Four biohazard scenes are much more serious and require full intervention and equipment to take care of them. They might even cause life-ending diseases for which there are no cure. Blood is a frequent contaminant found at crime scenes that could contain all manner of diseases, including life-threatening or terminal ones, so we work quickly when we have a Level Four situation.

Getting the Help You Need

Crimes are as numerous in Burbank as buildings. It’s there in front of everyone. Crimes occur in all areas of the city: commercial buildings, government buildings, city streets, and even residential homes where people should be free to feel their safest. Homeowners require a very comforting level of support while their home is restored after a crime. We realize that and whenever possible seek to get counseling for families who express a desire to get it or who say they need it in order to recover.

Our physical job, though, is clearing crime scenes and making sure that we leave them looking like they’ve never been a party to any type of crime. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms sometimes look horrific when we first get there, but we’re able to mitigate and restore that room to its original state, all within a reasonable amount of time for the job.

We work with homeowners compassionately and with a lot of caring and devotion. Our own co-founder witnessed a violent scene when he was very young, and that scene led to the death of his father. He has never forgotten that moment or the impact it had on his life. He uses it as inspiration to offer affordable crime scene cleanup in Burbank because he wants to help people who’ve gone through that traumatic experience to recover and do good with their lives (just like he did). His wife helps him every step of the way, and together, they make Eco Bear a thriving crime scene cleanup company in Burbank, California.

Don’t Wait to Call

Local authorities often work with us directly, but we know that private owners are often hesitant to admit that they’ve got a crime scene on their hands that they can’t clean up themselves. Please don’t try to take on the scene yourself and potentially harm yourself or members of your family. If blood and other human fluids have been left in your home from a crime, they may contain dangerous pathogens or diseases that could harm you. Let Eco Bear do the job for you and keep you safe and sound.

Discreetness is our #1 policy when we work with homeowners or apartment owners. We realize that a crime scene is not something you want to make headlines or be passed around in stories in the neighborhood. Eco Bear works hard to make sure that your privacy is protected and that we do our job while still protecting your privacy. Ask us about this during your consultation. 

Get Crime Scene Cleanup Today

Thank you for learning more about Eco Bear. We hope now you’ll let us learn a little about you, too. If you need crime scene cleanup services today, please reach out to us via phone or email. Our team will give you a completely free consultation and get to know your situation better. We’ll learn about any special requests or needs you have and let you know if we can accommodate those needs. Most of all, we’ll be up front about pricing (and very fair). If you’ve tried other services and they charged astronomical amounts, give us a try. We offer deeply discounted prices that are far lower than our Burbank competitors. Call today to find out how we can help you.