Burbank, California, is one of the sweetest spots in L.A. County. Between the coffee shops, restaurants, and public parks, there is no shortage of things to do in this thriving metropolitan area. As one of the most desirable communities in Southern California, Burbank also boasts some of the top-rated schools, the safest neighborhoods, and most affluent residents. 

According to the latest statistics, Burbank is home to over 100,000 people. Since approximately 1.5% of the nation’s population is affected by compulsive hoarding, there is no doubt that this disease impacts many individuals throughout this Southern California community.  

Hoarding in Burbank, California

Hoarding is a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that affects 4.5 to 5 million American adults. It is a disease marked by the obsessive accumulation of things, many of which have absolutely no value. Some hoarders have such a hard time parting with their possessions that their personal spaces become unfit for habitation. Unfortunately, many hoarders also live the final years of their lives in extreme isolation. 

There are numerous negative consequences of hoarding. Hoarding customs can lead to severe loneliness, depression, and social alienation. However, it is the environmental health and safety issues that produce the most obvious and pressing dilemmas. In severe hoarding situations, normal household functions can become impossible. What’s more, the steady accumulation of things can create fire hazards, choke points, and other health code violations. 

The Hazards of Hoarding

Hoarding properties can present a number of biohazards, including:

  • Bacteria 
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Insects
  • Animal waste
  • Human waste

Unsanitary conditions may pose a threat to the health and wellness of hoarders and their cohabitants. They can also create more complex problems, such as relationship issues, loss of personal possessions, property damages, accidents, and evictions. 

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is a complex issue that generates deplorable, inhumane conditions. Unfortunately, each year there are thousands of instances of animal hoarding throughout the nation. 

A few years ago, the owner of a Burbank-based Chihuahua Rescue was busted with nearly 60 animals inside a single camping trailer. According to witnesses, the owner was said to have as many as 300 to 400 dogs in her possession at one time. At the time of the bust, the trailer was drenched in animal urine. Unfortunately, this instance is just one of many examples of extreme animal hoarding in the community of Burbank. 

The compulsive and often obsessive need to possess animals can lead to several complex problems. While many animal hoarders have good intentions, their lack of proper animal handling can lead to the accumulation of animal waste, animal urine, and other unsanitary conditions. In animal hoarding situations, both animals and their owners suffer. According to the ADAA, both animals and humans are subjected to poor living conditions, malnutrition, disease, and sometimes even death. 

Over 80% of animal hoarders have diseased or deceased animals on their property. Moreover, over 40% of regular hoarders also hoard animals. 

Professional Hoarder Property Cleanup in Burbank

Hoarding situations often require specialized cleaning services. Professional hoarder property cleaners can completely transform your loved one’s household. However, the presence of biohazards requires more than professional sorters and organizers can offer. Professional cleaning technicians typically don facemasks, gloves, coveralls, and other personal protective equipment during hoarder property cleanouts. 

The Five Levels of Hoarding

Individuals often struggle to tell the difference between clutter or hoarding. The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization developed a five-level scale for categorizing the degree of household clutter or hoarding. The levels are as follows:

Level One: At level one, a reasonable level of household clutter exists. However, it is not so bad that hoarding remediation is required. At this level, doors and stairways are still accessible. Pets and rodents are mostly under control. Household clutter may be evident, but it is not excessive. 

Level Two: Professional organization is necessary at level two. Evidence of pets and rodents may be present. Meanwhile, clutter may inhibit household traffic and efficiency. Prompt remediation of household messes may be necessary at this point.

Level Three: Professional organization and/or mental health services may be necessary. At level three, animal and/or property hoarding is evident. There may be an overall lack of household maintenance. Clutter may present several safety violations. 

Level Four: More advanced remediation, including professional cleaning, organizing, and mental health services, may be necessary at this level of hoarding. At level four, there may be structural damage, neglect of household maintenance, and other zoning concerns. At this level, the lack of safe and cleanly conditions may harm the inhabitant’s health and wellness. 

Level Five: Immediate intervention is necessary at this level. Necessary interventions include a spectrum of professional help, including assistance from mental health, professional cleaning, and professional organization professionals. At level five, properties are no longer habitable. 

Choose a Locally Owned Business You Can Trust

Helping a loved one overcome a hoarding disorder can be complicated and uncertain work. Fortunately, Eco Bear offers affordable and compassionate hoarder property cleanup services in the Burbank area. A professional cleanup

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