Camarillo is a vibrant West Coast city in Ventura County, California, 20 minutes from the California coast. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city has an estimated population of 65,201 people. Adored by locals and tourists alike, this diverse metropolitan area offers over 300 annual days of warm California sunlight. Despite all this, nearly every day someone in Camarillo is in need of immediate biohazard remediation.

Eco Bear is a veteran-owned family business that offers fast, discreet, and respectful biohazard cleaning services to home and business owners in the Camarillo area. We specialize in all aspects of the crime scene and accident cleanup. No matter what the cleanup entails, we see to removing all hazards in a timely and courteous manner.

Biohazard Cleanup in Camarillo

According to the CDC (U.S. Center for Diseases Control), Biohazards are biological substances that pose a serious threat to humans. The CDC has also categorized biohazardous waste in four categories, which including:

  • Non-sharp solid biohazardous waste
  • Liquid biohazardous waste
  • Biohazardous sharps
  • Pathological waste

At Eco Bear, we work to contain contaminated areas and remove all biohazardous waste. Then we dispose of the biohazardous waste according to state and federal sanctions. Finally, we thoroughly clean and sanitize the contaminated area to mitigate the spread of potentially harmful pathogens. Each step in our comprehensive biohazard cleanup requires scrupulous attention to detail. To ensure the safety of both our workers and clients, we only use OSHA-approved chemicals and techniques to eradicate biohazards.

Feces Cleanup in Camarillo

Do you have a fecal mess that needs cleaning?

Human feces contain massive amounts of bacteria. However, the biggest threats from feces consist of potentially infectious diseases, including viruses, harmful bacteria, protozoa, and worms.

Animal feces and urine also have the potential to contain a multitude of harmful bacterias, worms, and other diseases. Rodent feces, for example, may contain salmonella, hantavirus, and/or lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and other diseases that may result in adverse health conditions or even death.

Anyone who attempts to clean feces on their own risks exposing themselves and others to potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. At Eco Bear, our biohazard cleanup technicians take care in properly cleaning and disinfecting areas affected by feces and urine.

Suicide Cleanup in Camarillo

The CDC estimates that each year over 40,000 U.S. families will have to cope with the suicide of a loved one. Still, most families are unprepared to handle the shock of an unexpected and tragic death. What’s worse, many are left to deal with the grim and potentially hazardous aftermath of the crime scene.

Common methods of suicide include death by firearms, suffocation, poisoning, and more. No matter the manner in which suicide was committed, discovering a deceased loved one can be a traumatic experience. Not long after the shock sets in, people realize that the site must be quickly and properly cleaned.

Suicide cleanup is challenging work that involves the removal of hazardous material such as blood, body fluids, body parts, and other pollutants. Our Camarillo-base biohazard cleaning professionals are trained in providing the highest standard of biohazard remediation. What’s more, we are compassionate and respectful to family members as they cope with the burden of losing a loved one.

At Eco Bear, we work to minimize the trauma of an unattended death. We do so by quickly and efficiently eradicating all crime scene hazards. We also disinfect and deodorize the area to prevent the spread of disease.

Sharps Cleanup in Camarillo

Sharps are medical, therapeutic, and recreational objects that have been used to pierce or cut skin. Their sharp nature deems them unfit for disposal in regular waste receptacles. In fact, California state law dictates that it is illegal to dispose of home-generated sharps in trash or recycling containers. Instead, all sharps must be put in an approved sharps containers and brought to a designated sharps collection site.

Oftentimes, the site of a medical emergency will be scattered with sharps, vials, and other medical supplies covered in blood and bodily fluids. You should never attempt to pick up or dispose of these items on your own. After all, they have the potential to contain bloodborne pathogens that could put you, your loved ones, or employees at risk.

Sharps Drop Off Locations in Camarillo, California

St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital
2309 Antonio Ave.
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 389-5800

Biohazard in Vehicle Cleanup

In 2016, there were 3,623 motor vehicle deaths in the state of California. That number doe not include the vast number of carjackings, nonfatal accidents, and other violent vehicle-based crimes that resulted in biohazardous mayhem.

While many of these cars remain road-worthy, they may contain blood stains, body fluids, and pungent odors that make them virtually undrivable. Fortunately, biohazard remedial companies like Eco Bear can eradicate vehicular biohazards to eliminate the spread of harmful pathogens and restore your vehicle back to its original state.

Biohazards may be deeply embedded in the upholstery, padding, carpets, and even A/C system of a vehicle. As such, it is no job for an untrained person. Professional remedial services can help preserve the value of your vehicle and make it safe to drive again. It can also help to separate you from a potentially psychologically damaging scene. Remediators may even be able to work with your car insurance carrier to resolve some or all of the cost.

Coping with Tragedy

Biohazardous is extremely stressful and burdensome to those involved. Professional biohazard cleaners can help resolve the mess and eliminate some of the psychological burdens. Blood stains, potent smells, and stains can serve as a painful reminder of a loved one passing. Eco Bear prides itself on its ability to resolve the most gruesome messes while showing compassion to those affected by the tragedy.

Survivor Support Groups for Families and Friends of a Suicide

Survivors of Suicide Loss
Camarillo Hospice
400 Rosewood Avenue
Camarillo, California 93010
For more information, contact Stacia Sickle at 805-389-6870 or [email protected]

Photo Courtesy of Ken Lund.

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