Crime occurs everywhere in the world, and Canyon Lake, California, is not an exception. Yes, crime scene investigators may carry out a bit of cleaning. However, we must admit that they lack the specialized equipment to conduct a thorough job. The fact that they have not invested in such kind of work does not help either.

What you need once the police have processed a crime scene is a professional cleaning service. When living in Canyon Lake, California, your best bet would be to get a certified crime scene cleaning company.

Although finding that perfect cleaning service in Canyon Lake might not be easy, you could always start with Eco Bear. You get a family-owned and operated businesses with specialized equipment and certified staff to help you with crime scene restoration.

Cleaning a Crime Scene Is Never Easy

Families that have experienced suicide, homicide, or any other traumatic experience will have a hard time performing the cleaning. It might take forever before such families gather the courage to clean up the home or business.

However, understand that cleaning crime scenes is extremely important. The affected families get their home restored discreetly and quickly, meaning that they can move on. The journey to recovery will be long, but cleaning must be the first step.

Apart from the attachment, cleaning crime scenes is not a simple task. There are lots of blood, chemicals, fingerprint dust, and body fluids that need cleaning. Regular detergents will not do the trick, and you need specialized equipment.

In other cases, there is significant structural damage to the property, making it impossible for the family to clean. Most of the time, people do not have the slightest idea of where to begin.

Understanding What Crime Scene Cleaning Companies Do

Let us start by stating that these companies are also known as bioremediation companies. Their work is to disinfect an entire crime scene, remove any contaminated material, and finally restore the property. By the end of the project, your home should be as new as it was before the incident.

The good news is that crime scene cleaning companies work closely with the medical examiners and local police to ensure that the affected families get all the support they need. In doing so, the affected parties can get to concentrate on healing and finding a way to move on after the tragedy.

An In-Depth Look at the Crime Scene Cleaning Process in Canyon, California

Qualified technicians use specialized equipment to help restore your property after the incident. All EPA and OSHA protocols must be adhered to during the entire cleaning and restoration process. To begin with, certified professionals should focus on safety.

Understand that crime scenes have all kinds of harmful substances, including chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. Some of the bloodborne pathogens include HIV, MRSA, clostridium difficile, and hepatitis B. You already know that these pathogens pose a serious health risk.


The crime scene cleaning professionals will go through the entire site to assess the situation. This step helps mark different zones around the property. Doing this ensures that cross-contamination does not occur in the business or home.

As stated earlier, the cleaning should be done quickly and effectively. Cross-contamination will slow the entire process since more rooms will need a thorough cleaning. Carrying out an assessment also helps the technicians determine the kind of equipment required for the task.

Bio Removal

The second step has, therefore, to be about treating the property effectively and quickly. Different chemicals that kill specific infections and diseases need to be used during this dangerous step. Contrary to what you may think, there are no universal disinfectants.

Below is an extensive list of some of the specialized equipment used by crime scene companies:

  • Biohazard disposal containers
  • Bio-tape and plastic sheeting
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Proprietary cleaning agents
  • Commercially available solvents
  • Portable ATP fluorescence testing unit


Once bio-removal is concluded, professionals can move forward to prepare the property for disinfecting. The preparation process involves removing all furniture, carpet, and dirt from the property. This is a rather simple step that takes an hour or two depending on the level of damage,

3-step Bio Wash

The 3-step bio wash process is instrumental in ensuring the entire property is disinfected adequately. It is referred to as the 3-step process because it entails cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing. Specialized equipment is used to ensure that all areas are carefully cleaned.

All the pathways out of the home and around the crime scene also need proper cleaning. The same 3-step process is used to cover all these areas. What this means is that the 3-step bio wash process usually takes a bit of time.

Site Breakdown

Site breakdown refers to all the activities carried out once a crime scene is fully restored. This involves proper disposal of all biohazard containers and cleaning of the used equipment. As stated earlier, there are a lot of harmful substances found in crime scenes. Site breakdown is, therefore, an integral part of the entire cleaning process in Canyon, California.

What to Consider When Hiring a Crime Scene Cleaning Company

There are certain factors that you need to consider when hiring a crime scene cleaning company. Some of these factors include:


Understand that reputation is everything, and the crime scene cleaning field is no exception. You need a cleaning company that is certified with highly trained staff. These service providers need to have the proper knowledge and equipment to handle your project.

References and Experience

A crime scene cleaning company should have an established reputation built from years of service. Look for a company with a high number of referrals from previous clients.


You cannot ignore the price whenever you hire a cleaning company. You are already grieving, which means you are not able to spend a fortune. Look for a company that can fit within your budget. Getting a crime scene cleaning company that offers payment plans is the best option.


Crime scene clean up should be left to the professionals. Contact Eco Bear today and have certified professionals do the work for you. You can then focus on your journey towards recovery after the traumatic ordeal.