Hoarding disorder, also called compulsive hoarding, affects an estimated 3 to 8 million Americans. If you, a family member or loved one are dealing with a hoarded property, you might be facing some serious health and legal consequences due to the property’s condition. Hoarding is a type of anxiety disorder that often gets worse with stress, personal loss or older age. If there are children, elders or pets on a hoarded property, you may be dealing with Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services and the Humane Society. Attempting to clean a hoarded property without help is stressful and overwhelming. If the hoarding is severe, there’s no way to handle it all on your own. At Eco Bear, we offer professional hoarder property cleaning in Canyon Lake, CA. Our team of cleaning specialists has the training, equipment and skills to clean any size or type of hoarded property. 

Why Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning Is the Right Choice

A person living in a hoarded property is often unable to tell trash from salvageable items. The mere thought of tossing a used sandwich bag or spoiled bag of apples may cause a person with hoarding disorder to shut down. Paralyzed, they simply can’t take out the trash or sort through their belongings like a person without hoarding disorder can. Hoarding is much more severe than being a collector or pack rat. Collectors take pride in their collection, organize it and display it. Pack rats are able to get rid of items without experiencing severe anxiety or panic attacks. After years of hoarding behavior, a home often becomes unfit for habitation. Bathrooms and kitchens may be inaccessible, and broken utilities or appliances may be unserviceable. A hoarder simply can’t clean up a hoarded property without professional help. Our compassionate cleaning professionals don’t judge. We work quickly and have a high attention to detail. With us on the job, a hoarder property in Canyon Lake will be restored so that it meets all of the local building, health and environmental codes.

About Our Canyon Lake Hoarder Property Cleaning Company

When you need to have a Canyon Lake hoarder property cleaned, our team at Eco Bear is the right choice. We handle all logistics of the clean-up, including securing permits, scheduling the delivery and removal of dumpsters, coordinating the removal of metal and recyclables, removing medical and biological waste and clearing the property of overgrown vegetation. Many hoarded properties have pest infestations and structural problems. We bring in the right professionals and coordinate our services with theirs.

Types of Hoarded Properties We Clean

No two hoards are the same, but they often share some common features. We clean any size of hoarded home or property. If the property includes a garage, sheds or storage buildings, we include those in our services. Some of the types of hoards we remove include:

  • Expired and spoiled food
  • Accumulated trash
  • Biological and medical waste
  • “Clean” hoards resulting from collecting or compulsive shopping
  • Pets, including excessive numbers of birds, cats and dogs
  • Vehicles, whether or not they run

What to Expect From Our Canyon Lake Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

When you choose Eco Bear to clean a hoarded property in Canyon Lake and the surrounding areas, you can expect us to treat you and your property with kindness and respect. You’re welcome to stay on-site for part or all of the cleanup. Our process begins with an evaluation of the property. This helps us plan the logistics of the cleaning, such as how many dumpsters we’ll need and where we’ll locate them. We’re licensed, bonded and insured to clean all types and sizes of Canyon Lake hoards. We document the process, including taking before and after photos of the property. We’ll coordinate with city code inspectors, too.

What We Do

We know that having a big crew and a bunch of dumpsters show up at your home can be an embarrassing experience. Your neighbors might wonder what’s happening. We operate with compassion and discretion. Our services are 100% confidential. Our hoarder cleaning services include:

  • Complete property inspection
  • Removal of trash and expired food
  • Safe and proper removal of biological and medical waste
  • Removal of contaminated furnishings and flooring
  • Sanitizing of salvageable items

Who May Need Canyon Lake Hoarder Property Cleaning

We work with Canyon Lake residents of all ages and income levels. If you’re a property owner or manager, we’ll clean a hoard located in a rented or leased apartment or house. This makes it easier for you to prepare the property for the next residents. If your loved one has passed away or recently moved to an assisted living facility, we’re here to help. We also handle hoarded properties that need cleaning as a part of the estate settlement or probate process. If you or your loved one has been living in a hoarded home, we’re the right choice to clean the property so that you can live in a healthy, comfortable place. We work with individuals, couples and families of all types who are ready to live in a clean and fully functional home.

Benefits of Professional Hoarder Property Cleaning in Canyon Lake

Cleaning a hoarded property in Canyon Lake is a big job. You don’t have to go it alone. Some benefits of our services include:

  • Achieve compliance with environmental and health codes
  • Prepare your property for repairs
  • Coordinate with pest control services
  • Restore full access to your property

By choosing our cleaners at Eco Bear, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. We reduce your stress. For more information about Canyon Lake hoarder property cleaning, call us at Eco Bear today.