Canyon Lake, California has been experiencing one of the highest per capita rate of homelessness in the US. Homelessness has been a major problem affecting everyone who lives in this region and it has eventually become a serious concern for the local governments in Canyon Lake. Each night, about 10,000 people in Canyon Lake sleep outside.

Along the highways and other right-of-ways, an increasing number of homeless encampments have steadily developed, and this poses a noticeable security risk to residents, neighboring areas, businesses, motorists, and highway laborers. The rising homeless encampments also contribute to pollution. Illegally disposing of garbage and human waste has contaminated the environment greatly, attracting vermin and spreading diseases.

As the local government puts measures in place to give homeless people access to shelter, there is an urgent need to clean the encampments for the protection of the people and the environment.

Eco Bear in Canyon Lake, California has been providing homeless encampment cleaning services.

What Is a Homeless Encampment?

A difference should be drawn to distinguish homeless people living out in the streets and homeless encampments. Homeless encampments are defined groups comprised of not only a single person or a single homeless family, but a group of different families that have constructed what, in most cases, is referred to as a tent city. The truth of the matter is that the tents mentioned will not always be present in homeless encampments. In their place, you will find makeshift lean-tos or temporary tents in most places. Most homeless encampments in Canyon Lake are made up of at least several people.

Health Impacts of Homeless Encampments to the Canyon City Environment

Although there is not a single compassionate individual who would wish ill on the homeless, the sad truth is that not every strategy used by these homeless individuals together with their advocates, to cater for basic needs, is exactly beneficial. The truth is, homeless encampments in Canyon Lake are proving to be sometimes detrimental, or dangerous, to none other than the homeless families themselves. People finding themselves in encampments are exposed to diseases, criminal activities, and poor shelter.

Other negative experiences that come as a result of homeless encampments in Canyon Lake extends up to the larger community. The presence of these homeless encampments will expose everyone to dangerous events such as a disease outbreak of the presence of crime. The way in which homeless encampments are placed in Canyon Lake will often have a negative impact on business operations in the region or the ability of working people to go about their daily activities in the area.

Below, is a look at the efforts of Eco Bear in Canyon Lake to help clean homeless encampments.

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanups around homeless encampments in Canyon Lake is among the reasons why our loyal customers call on us. There is a huge liability placed on the local government that make use of expensive equipment to clean Canyon Lake encampment sites. Just prick from a stray needle, or a splash from street much can result in a deadly disease, and this is not worth the risk, especially on government workers. Eco Bear offices in Canyon Lake have highly trained cleaners who specialize in biohazard clean ups. Hoarding and homeless encampments cleaning makes a recommendable choice for these kind of situations.

Trash Cleaning

Removing trash waste from homeless encampments can be an overwhelming task, even for the local government or volunteers. The large scale homeless encampments in Canyon Lake does not scare us, we handle any clean up emergency, no matter how daunting it appears. Eco Bear in Canyon Lake is the company to call upon. Most of our customers have been contracting our services for weeks or months so that the homeless encampments waste does not become unmanageable.

Eco Bear will supply the equipment required to guarantee a proper and thorough clean up, making sure to emphasize on the safety of our employees and the environment. We aim at providing the residents of Canyon Lake with all-inclusive services at an affordable cost, so that our customers can focus on more important issues. 

Taking Care of the Human Element During Clean Ups

Although Eco Bear is mostly hired by the local government, individual residents, businesses or banks, we are very careful of the human element when carrying on with our activities. Disposing of individual waste or possessions is nothing close to an easy task. We are very careful to make sure that we are working closely with the residents and give prior notice to all those whose waste or contents will be taken. We post notices with at least 72-hour vacation allowance, and we are always willing to give back any possession with monetary and sentimental value to the local authorities, in case the owner would like to claim it back.

With a lot of homeless people losing their possessions due to different circumstances, bad decisions or drug abuse we still treat them as human beings. A lot of these people are victims of circumstances such as the loss of jobs, loss of parent, abandonment by lover or spouses among many other reasons. Eco Bear in Canyon Lake will always respect the human element as we carry on with our cleaning activities.