Located about a dozen miles from downtown Los Angeles, Carson has a population of about 92,000 people. Carson oftentimes is referred to as a working-class community.

Carson has a significantly variable homicide rate. The homicide rate in Carson has fluctuated from three to 16 annually over the course of the past dozen years.

A particularly gruesome murder in Carson involved a couple that had been married for 55 years. Roy Wills and his wife have resided in Carson, in the same residednce, since the early 1960s.

Early in the morning, officers from the Carson Station of the LA Sheriff’s Department were called to the neighborhood to “check the vicinity.” Upon arriving, deputies did make contact with Roy Wills. In short speed, Wills barricaded himself inside the residence. 

A standoff occurred between Roy Wills and the deputies. During that process, several shots were heard coming from inside the residence. The standoff lasted for several hours, after which law enforcement entered the home to find both Mr. and Mrs. Wills dead. Deputies concluded that Roy Wills killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

Prior to that, Roy Wills telephoned his son, who resides in the Lancaster area. During that conversation, Wills conveyed some indication that he had murdered his wife. It was this phone call that prompted the dispatch of law enforcement to the residence. With that noted, given the fact that several shots were fired during the standoff, according to deputies at the scene, it ultimately seemed that Roy Wills killed his wife and then himself after law enforcement was at the scene.

Due to the uncertainty of what Roy Wills intended and was doing (or had done) when law enforcement reached the neighborhood, surrounding homes were evacuated. The SWAT team was also called to the scene.

Following the murder-suicide, family members explained that Roy Wills, members of his families advised that the man had open heart surgery the prior year. The indicated that he had been depressed at least since the surgery. Despite assistance from health care professionals. Wills had not been doing well physically or emotionally since the surgery. Wills was in his late 70s and the time of the murder-suicide.

Deputies did indicate that they had visited the residence previously but did not reveal the purpose of the visit. Deputies did note that they had taken weapons away from Roy Wills at some time in the past. A neighbor of the Wills stated he knew that Roy Wills had some “problems,” but the neighbor said he was surprised by the murder-suicide.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Carson

The scene of a homicide, let alone a murder-suicide, in which a firearm was involved can prove to be horrific. When law enforcement personnel and the coroner’s office complete their investigation of the scene, these officials do not undertake crime scene cleanup. Crime scene cleanup is the responsibility of the owner of the premises where a homicide occurred. In the case of the murder-suicide of Roy Wills and his wife, responsibility for the crime scene cleanup duties would fall on the adult children.

Stating that the family of the couple who died in the murder-suicide faces tremendous emotional challenges is an understatement. The last thing that needs to happen with the family is for them to personally undertake the hard, traumatic work of crime scene cleanup.

There are crime scene cleanup professionals in Carson that can ensure that the aftermath of homicide is safely, properly, and thoroughly remediated. These biohazard cleanup specialists can ensure that a residence is returned to a fully livable condition following a homicide or other type of violent crime.

Grief and Bereavement Assistance Following the Murder of a Loved One

Losing a loved one – let alone two loved ones – as the result of some type of traumatic death can result in profound grief. In order to work through the grief and bereavement process after a murder, suicide, or murder-suicide, professional assistance may be necessary. There are grief and bereavement counselors and therapists in Carson.

These professionals have experience in working with people who’ve experienced losses that include the deaths of family members and other loved ones by homicide and suicide. In addition to arranging for one-on-one counseling, these professionals can also make arrangements to get a person suffering profound grief into an appropriate group therapy situation.

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